Diatomaceous Earth (Food Grade) 1kg tub

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Diatomaceous Earth (Food Grade) 1kg tub

Diatomaceous Earth (Food Grade) 1kg tub

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Note that there are restrictions on some products, and some products cannot be shipped to international destinations. This DE is classed as food-grade, is not heat-treated, and contains no chemicals or pesticides (beware of other DE that is calcinated - heat-treated - and only meant for use in filtration systems). Desi-Dust Diatomaceous Earth is 100% natural and is supplied as a fine powder, which can be “squirted” where-ever the insects live or crawl. We don’t share your credit card details with third-party sellers, and we don’t sell your information to others.

It is a naturally-occurring, soft, siliceous sedimentary rock that is easily crumbled into a fine powder. When insects come into contact with DE their waxy coated shells are damaged by microscopic, razor-sharp edges. When diatomaceous earth comes into contact with insects, the razor sharp diatom edges lacerate the bugs waxy exoskeleton and the powdery diatomaceous earth absorbs the body fluids causing death from dehydration. Diatomaceous earth is a natural powder that works in a purely physical/mechanical manner with no chemical toxicity and no odour. Though we most often consume them taken up in plant or animal form, nearly all mammalian species engage in some form of direct earth eating to prevent nutritional deficiency.

To apply, sprinkle the DE over your dog and then using your hands rub the powder in ensuring it reaches the skin surface. Great accessory which helps to evenly distribute the Diatomaceous Earth out from the bottle by either dusting or pouring.

Diatomaceous Earth is a 100% natural product, made from the fossilised remains of ancient shell creatures. We advise using Diatomaceous Earth powder as a preventative product, or as part of a mite control treatment to reduce mites and lice in your poultry. Though the study of clay consumption has revealed the potential for digestive and nutritional benefits, scientists believe the most conclusive evidence points to detoxification as a primary benefit of clay eating throughout human history.Please note, we are no longer recommending this product for internal use due to a trading standards crackdown. These remains are turned into a powder containing 80-90% silica, which is found in everything from rocks to plants and even humans. Unlike conventional insecticides, its action is entirely mechanical, and it does not leave harmful chemical residues which may affect other animals. DE kills mites, ticks, fleas etc by absorbing the waxy layer which these creatures produce on their outer layers.

Most users of clay leave scientific explanations aside when they come astounded by the accomplishments of clay. DiatomPure® Human Codex Grade is made using the finest Diatomaceous Earth, well known for its high ‘silicia’ content, it plays a significant role in our bodily functions. The average human body (for example) holds approximately seven grams of silica, needing significantly more silica than even important minerals such as iron. In such applications as golf courses, and other landscaped areas it helps absorb and hold water, reducing the amount of water used.If it still cannot be located contact us on 01323 730091 (Mon-Thursday) and we will get that investigated. Diatomaceous Earth is a fine powder made of the fossilised remains of diatoms (a type of algae) which are found in river beds all over the world. To these insects, diatomaceous earth is a lethal dust with microscopic sharp edges that cut through their protective covering and dries them out. Diatomite has a wide variety of uses, and is a component in hundreds of products, or vital to the manufacturing process of thousands more. We only source our DE from the high quality mines here in the India, so that you can feel confident that you're getting the very best.

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