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Her husband was in ICU, dying of cancer, on his last hours, and just like my mother, she was ill and being fobbed off that she's better off at home. The purpose of the image is to show that the integrity of the sculpture as representing a vulture is not damaged by deconstruction and fitting individual elements to observable sky phenomena (as calculated). For people like me who, in working life, had to read, interpret and comment on scientific papers for decision makers at the political level, the only reasonable conclusion is that the issue of YDBS in the paper is „premature“. Databases of adsorption isotherms have been calculated for nitrogen, carbon-monoxide, methane and carbon-dioxide for a range of pressures, pore widths and temperatures. Meanwhile we were putting together a more elaborate reply with further arguments and references which, in our opinion, challenge the interpretation and add more context to the paper’s discussion of Göbekli Tepe’s iconography in the light of the early Neolithic in Upper Mesopotamia.

FYI, I have also pursued the subject of comets in relation to astronomy in Enclosure D, presented elswhere on this site. One route for the production of these materials is to disperse clay in a polymerisable monomer solvent. Could all these correlations between the animal symbols, constellations, Ancient Egyptian deities, mythical stories and writing methods just be a coincidence? For the sake of this discussion, to fuel it a little bit, I’ll start by clarifying an outstanding issue — the Skull cult, the Headless Man, and the Comet. Essentially, this means understanding how man transformed from un-civilised Palaeolithic hunter gatherers to civilised Neolithic specialists dependent on.We describe procedures based on the polydisperse independent ideal slit-pore model, Monte Carlo simulation and density functional theory (a 'slab-DFT') for predicting gas adsorption and adsorption heats in active carbons. The School’s Dr Martin Sweatman has decoded a system of Pictish symbols and revealed its link with other symbol systems used by ancient civilisations across the world. He poses the question “ But while the connections between Göbekli Tepe and Ancient Egypt are tantalizing, it is difficult to be certain of them.

I report here that after laborious efforts of coding, I made a substantial progress in deciphering the inscription on the Vulture Stone. Evidence for an extraterrestrial impact 12,900 years ago that contributed to the megafaunal extinctions and the Younger Dryas cooling” - https://doi. Note to Oliver and Jens: mayor discoveries about the pillars of Göbekli Tepe I intend to reveal here if you allow me and Boslough to debate this, initially in comments, but I might also post entire papers later. While there is evidence for later re-use of pillars (see above), assuming such a long tradition of knowledge relating to an unconfirmed (ancient) cosmic event appears extremely far-fetched.I certainly wasn’t fishing for hints to aid in my investigation and to be frank, I’m perfectly happy with the +/- 250 year at this stage. Further analysis revealed, also with 100% confidence, that the images are complex mnemonics that simultaneously encode date, time of day, location, and nature of events that happened, and are being depicted there, for memorial reasons. Particularly the depiction of severed human heads or headless bodies in combination with necrophagous animals (preferably but not exclusively vultures) is a well-known theme and may be rooted in a complex multiphase Pre-Pottery Neolithic mortuary ritual. Several established and very general methods for calculating the absolute Helmholtz free energy from Monte Carlo simulations are compared, namely the method of Schilling and Schmid, Speedy's method and the self-referential method of Sweatman et al. At present precision is below one arc minute, which allows the +/-250 years interval to be reduced to +/- 0 years.

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