Samsung LC49RG90SSUXEN 49" Curved LED Gaming Monitor - Dual WQHD 5120 x 1440, 120Hz, HDMI, Displayport, USB

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Samsung LC49RG90SSUXEN 49" Curved LED Gaming Monitor - Dual WQHD 5120 x 1440, 120Hz, HDMI, Displayport, USB

Samsung LC49RG90SSUXEN 49" Curved LED Gaming Monitor - Dual WQHD 5120 x 1440, 120Hz, HDMI, Displayport, USB

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It has good peak brightness and good reflection handling, and it's good to use in rooms with a few lights around, but glare from strong light sources is distracting. Like the Dell, its 34-inch screen has a 3440x1440 resolution with good text clarity, but its narrow viewing angles limit its office performance because the image washes out from the sides, which isn't ideal for sharing your screen with others. On the plus side, it has excellent image accuracy, so images are life-like without any sort of calibration. Regarding the monitor: overall, it's great. I love the screen real estate, it is so much better than having two monitors.

I can use PowerTools FancyZone to control/manage windows including a 3 column layout which mimics having 3 external monitors.If you lower the settings far enough, virtually any card will suffice. How far you want to lower the settings will determine what card you can run. You won't run at Ultra unless you get a 2080Ti, and even then, you're unlikely to hit 120hz. However, lowering settings will net significant gains, as even dropping from Ultra to High can gain you 10% - 20%. I must admit, I've been a bit cool on HDR monitors recently, mostly because they're usually an absolute pain in the ass to get working correctly. The CRG9, on the other hand, is probably the first monitor I've tested in ages that's just sort of... worked. And it's a revelation! Assassin's Creed Odyssey looked beautiful in HDR, with white hot sun rises piercing my vision with their 1000cd/m2 brightness levels and its autumnal setting bursting with life thanks to the monitor's superb colour accuracy and rich colour palette. Final Fantasy XV impressed as well, with its blisteringly bright and vibrant Lestalum nightlife coming to full and fantastic life onscreen, all without having to tweak a single setting. This picture is with an older work computer and different monitor on the top left but it gives you an idea. Added the Samsung Odyssey OLED G9/G95SC S49CG95 as 'Best 5k Super Ultrawide Monitor For Multimedia' because it delivers better picture quality than the Samsung Odyssey Neo G9. Before I finish, I suppose I should say something about its actual image quality, but needless to say, it's pretty much perfect straight out of the box. Out of its nine picture modes, I found RPG was the most accurate, displaying 98.5% of the sRGB colour gamut and a decent 85.2% of the HDR-grade DCI-P3 colour gamut (and that's without HDR switched on, I should add), but nearly all of them were up around the 97-98% mark anyway and barely any of them needed any settings tweaking whatsoever.

you could buy a 2070 super and get 60 fps at BF5 but i wouldn't recommend it as playing in 60 fps is very noticeable in shooters and you seem to be playing only shooters. Other similar 5k monitors are available, like the Apple Pro Display XDR, a higher-end and more expensive version of this monitor designed for professional content creators. The LG UltraFine 5k is another very similar option, but it's older and harder to find, and it doesn't have as many features as the Studio Display. Restructured article to reflect how people are looking for ultrawide monitors; removed the 'Best Gaming' and 'Best Super Ultrawide' categories because it doesn't fit into the scope of the article; added the Dell S3422DWG and replaced the Gigabyte M34WQ with the HP OMEN 34c because the Gigabyte is becoming hard to find; updated Notable Mentions based on changes. The best 5k monitor we've tested is the LG 40WP95C-W. It has a 5120x2160 resolution, which is otherwise known as 5k2k, and it has the same vertical resolution as a 4k monitor but has more horizontal pixels due to its wider 21:9 aspect ratio. This ultrawide screen makes seeing more of your work at once easier, as you can easily multitask with different windows open. It has high pixel density, resulting in fantastic text clarity. It also has a dedicated sRGB mode with excellent accuracy, and you'll only need to calibrate the monitor if your work requires perfect colors.The Samsung CRG9 is easily the most preposterous gaming monitor I've ever laid eyes on. It's not the sheer size of it that boggles the mind. Oh no. A diagonal of 49in and an aspect ratio of 32:9 is nothing after last year's equally large and equally wide CHG90 monitor. It's the resolution of the damn thing, which stands at a mad 5120x1440. That's the same amount of screen real estate as two normal 27in 2560x1440 monitors, which has been pretty much my dream setup since, well, forever. I like the single 4K Dell U2718Q monitor I normally have on my desk, I really do. But I'd swap it for two 1440p monitors in a heartbeat. Sounds like the common ground here is that the full 5120x1440 resolution is hard or impossible to drive at full details, but with lower quality, a decent fps might be achieveable. If not, I can lower the resolution and gain a significant boost.

monitors are a set of niche monitors that aren't very common, but are still useful. A 5k resolution is a broad term referring to monitors with 5120 horizontal pixels, but they come in various shapes with different vertical resolutions. One example is a monitor with a 5120x2880 resolution, whichis ideal for macOS because the operating system is optimized for monitors with this resolution, and ithelps produce sharp text. Replaced the LG 38WN95C-W with the LG 40WP95C-W and renamed it to the 'Best Ultrawide Monitor For Work' to be consistent with how people are looking for ultrawide monitors; moved the Dell S3422DWG to Notable Mentions because the Gigabyte M34WQ offers better value for a similar price.Most ultrawide displays have a 34-inch screen size, but there are larger ones up to 49 inches, which are known as super ultrawide monitors. On top of that, these displaystend to have curved screens to bring the edges closer toyou. When looking for an ultrawide monitor, it's important to consider what you need it for and your budget, as there are options available at different price points. Renamed the LG 40WP95C-W as 'Best 5k Monitor' and the Apple Studio Display as 'Best 5k Monitor For Mac' to better align with how people are looking for 5k monitors; updated text for clarity throughout. I'm looking into finally upgrading my gaming pc, which is an ASUS P6T X58 motherboard with an I7-930 cpu and upgraded to a GTX 680 GPU. Its from 2010 - was the first Core I7 cpu available and its under heavy load with almost anything, but an upgrade to the GTX680 prolonged the lifespan of the hardware for what... 4 years or so?

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