HLK-LD2410B FMCW 24G 24GHz Smart Human Presence Status Sensing Radar Heartbeat Sensitivity Mini Sensor Module High Detection

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HLK-LD2410B FMCW 24G 24GHz Smart Human Presence Status Sensing Radar Heartbeat Sensitivity Mini Sensor Module High Detection

HLK-LD2410B FMCW 24G 24GHz Smart Human Presence Status Sensing Radar Heartbeat Sensitivity Mini Sensor Module High Detection

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That is the LD2410B module, The Home Assistant with Bluetooth support and a spare USB cable – it is time to start the action. No longer need to assemble boards yourself, JLCPCB helps you assemble the part HLK-LD2410B-P for free. To my surprise it was very quickly picked up by home assistant, also showing me presence, motion and distance values. I'm lookup to supplement my ESP32-based room monitoring modules with millimeter-wave, and have been attracted by the LD2410, which looks to have a decent mix of affordability and capability.

Very important, add one ld2410b/c at a time, i don't know in the case of 3 if you have to do all combinations, but for 2 ld2410b at the same time I had to connect the first one, then just the second one, then both. Unfortunately I am not home right now to double check , but I believe that this is the version that worked. This USB cable will be used to power up the sensor, because the sensor is so tiny and there are no USB ports on it this is the only way. But other than that it is a very clear article, I had not yet come across defining zones and I will certainly incorporate them into my config.DEVICE_engineering_mode' state : 'on' card : type : vertical-stack cards : - type : horizontal-stack cards : - type : entity entity : 'sensor. binary, supports mixed precision, can quickly detect faces, supports 3D living detection, 3D face recognition, infrared living detection, Visible light live detection, etc. LD2410B is a high-sensitivity 24GHz human presence status sensing module developed by Hilink Electronics.

yaml, vars: { mac_address: 'XX:XX:E2:BB:27:XX', ld2410_name: "Kitchen ", ld2410_id: "kitchen" } } ld2410_provision: !If you don’t have Home Assistant yet and you want to learn more how to get it, then join my upcoming free Webinar. To create your own presence sensor based on the Hi-Link LD2410, you are going to need a couple of things. I didn’t do any additional configurations, but if you need to do this, then please, do not change the default password or the number of gates using the above software, as the Home Assistant Integration may stop working. As end result, I will have a new device inside Home Assistant with several entities/sensors and now I can start creating Home Assistant automations and scripts. With the power of automation, you can create a seamless and convenient environment that caters to your needs.

Supports GPIO and UART outputs, plug and play, and can be flexibly applied to different intelligent scenarios and terminal products. you recommend not to solder, but what is so difficult to solder those few wires, in my case they are all soldered and I have had no problems with it. move_energy ( Optional, int): When in engineering mode, the move energy of the gate, otherwise unknown. I have a few bluetooth proxies set up with ESPHome to read temp/humidity data from some Mija sensors. With native ESPHome support, the LD2410 can be fine-tuned to eliminate false triggers and optimize the sensor for your space.HA found it as soon as I apply power to my LD2410B and it shows up under LD2410 BLE integration via BT Proxy. ld2410_id ( Optional, ID): Manually specify the ID for the LD2410 Sensor component if you are using multiple components. type : vertical-stack title : 'DEVICE' cards : - type : horizontal-stack cards : - type : entities entities : - entity : 'switch. ld2410 : id : my_ld2410 api : services : - service : set_ld2410_bluetooth_password variables : password : string then : - bluetooth_password. Some of these aren't really relevant to determinig the difference between different modules; they're kits that come with Dupont-to-JST cables and/or CH340 USB-to-UART devices.

You can change your choices at any time by visiting Cookie preferences, as described in the Cookie notice. LD2410 Drawback: One thing to keep in mind is that the LD2410 sensor may not perform optimally in "noisy" rooms. The yaml, whether with include or not, must have exactly what i have in mine, you can add again the distance, energy sensors, but you must not add the switch that turns on and off the ble connection. I was only enabling 1 entity (occupancy) per ld2410b on HA and running 2 ld2410b sensors with 2 BT Proxies. I have found this GitHub - rain931215/ESPHome-LD2410: ESPHome LD2410 mmWave Radar Sensor Custom Component but it appears only to connect tx and rx with no sensor connection?

I have just set logging of the HA bluetooth manager to debug for an hour, and there has been exactly one entry for this LD2410C device, but I still can’t add it to HA. A. My bluetooth proxy can only have 3 active connections which it already has and the LD2410B is being dropped in favour for the other devices. For example, you can configure your lights to turn on when someone enters a room and turn off when the room becomes unoccupied.

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