A Light in the Flame: A Flesh and Fire Novel

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A Light in the Flame: A Flesh and Fire Novel

A Light in the Flame: A Flesh and Fire Novel

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If you have read all the FBAA books then you know they get their HEA (kind of, in terms of love) so you know that no matter what happens in these books that they will be in love and have children. Attes also mentions that there has been a lot of complications, and Nyktos says he assumes Attes had nothing to do with that. Sera heads to see Nyktos first, and then finds that Veses is straddling him, feeding from his throat.

He asks her what her life was like, but Rhain interrupts them, and Sera uses the opportunity to ask him what he sacrificed for her. I think some readers might be bothered by Sera's edge softening a bit but for me I'm glad JLA did not shy away from showing that side of Sera and it doesn't take away from her charm as a heroine. Their romance also has this doomed and tragic quality to it that makes it more gripping and intense, and I have to say that while I love Cas, I feel that Nyktos has more personality and individuality. The next day, Sera is bored out of her mind and feeling restless, so she walks around the Castle with Saion, including eating breakfast at one of the rooms. Don’t get me wrong, I am a sucker for angsty romances and I loved the angst between Sera and Nyktos in the first part of the book.Good old miscommunication will do that, but after a while, it became repetitive, and Sera’s inner monologues about her feelings were always the same. In the end, the embers would go to Nyktos because being the Primal of Life was his destiny and if it works, it would be his destiny again. Her dreams of becoming an author started in algebra class, where she spent most of her time writing short stories…. At first Sera resists, but after more begging, she does begin to drink Nyktos blood, and everything is amplified, including her feelings.

She finally snaps that she never really had the opportunity to develop those instincts because of how she was raised, and Nyktos stills. Ash and Sera are warned by Saion, but still head out into the hallway where they find the heads of Ector and Aios on pikes. They ultimately agree that they’ll do pleasure for the sake of pleasure, before Nyktos warns her that a Primal is about to arrive, and apologizes to her ahead of time for how he’s about to behave.

Nektas steps out momentarily to speak to Rhain, while Sera watches the two young drakens, and Jadis not only manages to throw a tantrum, but also set one of the chairs on fire all because Reaver had gotten on top of the cabinet and did not want to come down. I did feel for Sera's despair and hopelessness and I loved that Nyktos was there most of the time to support her through this especially when her anxiety attacks strike.

Sera is shocked to find out that she is Sotoria, the mortal at the center of Kolis’ obsession that started all of this, and tries to come to terms with it.Afterwards, Sera feeds from Nyktos, because it’s the only way for her to heal without going into stasis, and she sees a memory of hers–one that she pulls out of Nyktos, which tells him that she’s closer than ever before to Ascension. He explains to Sera that the purpose of the Chosen is to replenish Iliseeum and be a balance by having Gods that know what it’s like to be human.

Apparently he believes that Nektas should’ve been honored to serve Kolis after he stole the embers, but Nektas remained loyal to Eythos and then to Nyktos. Nyktos catches up with her, and they get into another argument, during which Sera spits out that she was actually trying to save him.

Sera and Saion talk and he asks her about her attempt to escape to kill Kolis, but she doesn’t reveal more than asking him if Nyktos would make something like that up.

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