SLx Outdoor Extension Lead Waterproof, 20m, 2 Socket Extension Reel, Heavy Duty Extension Cable, Thermal Cut Out, IP54 Rated, Double Socket, UK Outdoor Plug, Extension Lead for Christmas Lights Garden

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SLx Outdoor Extension Lead Waterproof, 20m, 2 Socket Extension Reel, Heavy Duty Extension Cable, Thermal Cut Out, IP54 Rated, Double Socket, UK Outdoor Plug, Extension Lead for Christmas Lights Garden

SLx Outdoor Extension Lead Waterproof, 20m, 2 Socket Extension Reel, Heavy Duty Extension Cable, Thermal Cut Out, IP54 Rated, Double Socket, UK Outdoor Plug, Extension Lead for Christmas Lights Garden

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Just looking for a low-cost extension reel to plug the lawnmower or hedge trimmer into at the bottom of the garden? Well, the Centurion EXT1038 might be the kind of thing you are looking for. This is another great extension lead for use in the house or out on the patio in good weather. It is not really suited to be used in a heavy-duty way, but there are other products available if that’s what you’re looking for. Just don’t expect all the features found on this one.

In terms of the all-weather suitability, this will also vary widely from one extension cable to the next. Typically, the rugged types that are designed for use on tough outdoor jobs will handle tough weather (as well as higher amp usage). There are a number of features to look for when choosing the right waterproof external extension for your needs. Being IP54 rated means it’s protected from water spray in any direction by law. Needless to say, electric and water don’t mix so when you are done with your power outside, absolutely ensure you unplug the power inside the house first and disconnect any electric from the unit if it’s been splashed or you got caught out and rained on etc. Don’t make the mistake of thinking waterproof means safe! An absolute golden tip is to stand your power reel upright and have the plugs facing down vertically so water runs down and off the plug. If you just lay it on its side water has a far better chance of getting in! The earlier models seemed to be a bit flimsy and were prone to break or come off. There haven’t been any recent reports of this at all. Centurion EXT1038 2 Way UK 3Pin Plug 10amp Extension Reel with 10 Metre Heavy-Duty Winding Cable and Safety Cut Out SwitchAt the time of writing this article, the centurion EXT was on sale for around 15 quid. That’s not bad at all for a ten-metre cable reel, fully enclosed in a plastic casing. Of course, with the low price come a few minor faults, but for simple home use it is fine, and a lot of people don’t want to spend the Earth for their extension leads. This heavy-duty option is the kind of outdoor extension that looks ready to handle anything that comes its way. As the name suggests, the tough Masterplug HLP2013/2IP 20m Outdoor IP Rated Cable Reel is an impressive 20 meters long and is 13 Amp IP rated too. If you need to keep your electronics outdoors for an extended period of time, or use the same electronic array fon a regular basis, you’ve probably been looking for a storage solution that will allow you to store both your cords and your equipment in the same safe and dry container.This box is roomy enough for lights, timers, reels, and more, and is IP5 weatherproofed to keep your equipment safe and secure. Now, if you have a smaller garden, the idea of unwinding 50 metres of cable might sound like a bit oof a nightmare, but thankfully, this product is also available in smaller sizes of 20 and 25 metres.

Outdoor enthusiasts and DIY fans will be pleased to see how easily this product lets them work and enjoy their property from now on. The 25 Metre 13 Amp Orange Outdoor Extension Cable by Status is tough enough to handle a variety of uses, from powering your outdoor lighting to letting you cut the grass or trim the hedge safely.

To break the seal you’ll need to press firmly on the portion of the button that says ‘open’– look close enough you’ll see that: This is one of the best waterproof outdoor extension lead products partly because of the extra length and partly because it is so well built. The open drum cable reel has a steel frame and carry handle, making it easy to move around. Having said that, the length of this cable means that winding it in can be time-consuming anyway. The vast majority of these cables are for strictly temporary use, even those that come with a sturdy enclosure and can be fitted to an outdoor wall. You certainly don’t want to set one up as a permanent power supply to a garage or summer house.

A: If you are worried about the safety of your extension cord, you should only use an extension cord outside if it is weatherproof. Every other method of protection is unreliable.First of all, there’s the price tag. At just over 40 quid for a 50-metre cable reel, it is hard to beat, and what’s more, it doesn’t look as if Status have cut any corners to get that price down either.

A: You should never leave an extension lead outside, even if it is an outdoor extension lead. This is very dangerous and could cause fatal accidents. When fully wound, the cable has a maximum current of 3 amps, or 720 watts, which isn’t a great deal and probably wouldn’t be enough to run your lawnmower without getting too hot. However, once you unwind the cable, that maximum current jumps to 10 amps (2400 watts) which is much more practical and should allow you to run two electric garden tools at the same time without issue.

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With regards to this being waterproof it most certainly is not and should not be used in the wet. The cable is 1.25mm and you can send a sensible 3000 Watts of power through the lead without cutting out BUT make sure the cable is unwound. If the cable is still reeled and you put some hard work on it, then it’ll overheat and cut out. I had one that failed and actually melted the cable together once (not this model or manufacturer) but worth remembering just how important it is to unwind the cable. You need to be careful when winding or unwinding a cable reel as it is so easy to get the cable twisted, knotted and tangled up without realising it until it’s too late. Then you have to spend some time carefully untangling it, and it can be really frustrating. This is a common problem with some self-retracting cable reels. as far as safety is concerned I have only seen one issue – a user tried to charge up their car and it melted the plug. Long before that happened the fuse should have blown so I am not quite sure what happened there but most cars charge on 30 Amps or more, and since this cable is only rated for your standard 13 Amp household, I highly advise not to misuse the product. It is certainly not safe beyond its rating! Pros:

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