Agent Provocateur Eau de Parfum for Women, 100 ml

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Agent Provocateur Eau de Parfum for Women, 100 ml

Agent Provocateur Eau de Parfum for Women, 100 ml

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Overall this is a very vintage-y powdery rose. (for me) Also this is chypre I think? Reminds me of Eau de Soir by sisley, but this has an obvious rose note + it is !powdery! and veeeeeery feminine. I was able to get a spray out of the original bottle, which is porcelain- not coloured glass. On the bottom of the bottle it has the shop postcode of W1 London. It simply says 1.66 fl oz, e50ml. The batch number is C3451. Clearly the perfume has aged, it’s 20 years old. But even so, it is so WILDLY different from the newer formulations, it is an entirely different beast. The original formulation is so spicy, so sexual- like sweaty bedsheets and amber, and a ghost of crushed roses. It is so rich and deep, and it is unlike anything I have ever smelled before or after. A masterpiece that would reign amoungst any Malle fragrance. I let it develop, and the really fresh, even a touch tart rose came through over the woody-ness, with an earthiness as well. It leaned more feminine at this point! Anyone who needs to break a dry spell. Personally I recommend layering this on top of whatever your wearing. It is SO strong, that I'd say, put on your regular perfume as you do, then spray this in the air, and walk through it. I wouldn't put it directly on skin. It's THAT pungent.

It’s a divisive perfume, my mum always compliments me on it, but my friends don’t like it at all! However I’ve worn it during the day in all seasons and it was my office perfume for many years without seeming to cause offence (my colleagues are vocal about scent) 😂 It does turn a little sour on me in the heat. There is something in the AP fragrances that men seem to like, my ex partner loved this one and Maîtresse on me and he never really noticed many of my perfumes 😂 Sorry ladies, you are now going to hate me this time as Agent Provocateur is supposed to be the mistress of seductive, uber sexy and ultra feminine perfumes and once again, me a man, I'm stealing it from you. AP opens with spicy saffron, grabbing the attention immediately. A soft white floral accord emerges, developing steadily into a sweet, powdery bouquet. Creamy magnolia and clean jasmine are most prevalent to my nose. The saffron here is so good, giving a clever lift to the otherwise run-of-the-mill white floral accord.Top notes of this perfume include saffron and magnolia. Next middle notes of rose, gardenia, vetiver and jasmine move in. The fragrance is completed by a base of cedar, amber and musk. Overall the combination of notes here leaves a woody, mossy impression. Low Price and Various Sizes

The bottle I bought spilt in the mail so admittedly my first sniff was a big one. That it spilt was bad enough but the scent, ugh. It is as some people have already said, like old roses with wee. The rose smells heavy and powdery like a rose talcum powder kept for 40 years in a musty bedroom drawer. The magnolia, gardenia and jasmine do not add anything positive, just that faint whiff of urine. At first, it was a lot. I was a little nervous because it is very intense and sharp, and that does last a little while. Once it dries down the woody, saffron smell is strongest, which is also intense but i found it wasn’t a bad thing. It just gave it a more unisex quality to me. MOROCCAN ROSE is the star of the show in this beauty that opens with a spicy floral burst of magnolia & saffron with floral, metallic & aromatic nuances, that deepens into the Moroccan rose heart supported by multi-faceted vetiver with creamy, velvety, rosy, warm-spicy, fluffy & powdery facets, all resting on a musky base with earthy & woody touches. Overall I get a fluffy, whipped & spicy MiddleEastern leaning rose, that is almost a chypre with trace patchouli (not listed). Although there is a timeless quality, some might find it to have a slight vintage vibe. Requires a few months of dark storage after first sprays to develop the true scent. Well above average performance. Those are difficult and very demanding perfumes. So is AP. If You want something very different but in a way familiar, super ballsy, loud and smart about it, try AP. It's a very hard to put in a frame perfume. Full of individuality and very retro-chypre-inspired.

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It reminds me of vintage perfumes, but I mean that as the highest compliment. The rose in this is beautiful, tart and not sweet in the slightest. The saffron, vetiver and cedar give it a dryness. To me it could very almost be like a classic Middle Eastern perfume too (it is not oud-y though, just to be clear), I just find that Middle Eastern perfumes seem to capture rose notes beautifully. There is also a soapiness and it reminds me of those rose pomanders you can buy.

ALSO Eau de Soir is also for a sophisticated woman buttt in her case u get "old money", "forest colors" and "gold" whereas in AP's case, you get "always well dressed", "you wanna be feminine/womanly like her" and "pinkpink" with that well kept 50's vintagestyle dark brunette hair vibes Secondly, as someone else mentioned, you have to appreciate vetiver to love this. I have a bottle of pure vetiver oil on my dresser that I use regularly in my natural skin and hair care (I live in Haiti, so we get the REAL stuff). It's a magical scent. But it's on the sharp side here. As the scent develops, it mellows out and smells a bit smoky. I actually get incense in this one, almost from the start. Now it smells for me a very expensive well established brothel with curvy workers who never would say "no" to any customer's request. Very expensive and very sexy naughtiness. It smells like if a woman who wears it would never work and only busy with self indulgence (or indulging others special) from dusk to down. I can not imagine she would have kids or even drive a car. She probably never open curtains in her bedroom. So how to describe this scent. Well, I'm not normally a huge fan of rose, and so that initially threw me off. The rose in here is bright, sharp, and a bit skunky. Sort of like Perfumer's Workshop Tea Rose, but not as bad as that one, I don't think. Or maybe this is just blended better. But at the beginning, the rose definitely dominates. Later that note mellows out into a lovely true bouquet of roses.After having a mini years ago, I was impressed that even that size came in a porcelain bottle with an actual atomizer. Apparently the use of porcelain & quality was scarified in newer bottles, so I read. Heartbreaking. This perfume conjures such a juxtaposition of imagery for me; equal parts Virgin Mary purity, encircled in a halo of holy roses & the most sophisticated, well-read, soulful, naturally buxom brunette bombshell sitting high on a hotel balcony overlooking a glittering Eiffel Tower in the distance, drinking pink champagne, with strawberries & creme, living a most epic-yet-simultaneously-cozy & quaint life. It smells of dreams. Of highest self. & Like a woman who takes the boudoir very seriously. I am so happy to have it in my collection again, reformulated or not. My 7th scent of Agent Provocateur, a real, honest-to-goodness 30ml bottle Fatale Intense (also a blind buy) doesn't read like 'old', but it does have that same weakness. Cheap. Low quality. Not especially terrible, but it is a rather bland vanilla scent.

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