AVA Master P80 Pressure Washer, High Power Jet Washer For Car Washing, Garden & Patio Cleaning, 160 Bar 600 L/H 2800 W, Incl Zero-Force Gun, Follow-Me Hose Reel, Zoom Lance & Foam Cannon

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AVA Master P80 Pressure Washer, High Power Jet Washer For Car Washing, Garden & Patio Cleaning, 160 Bar 600 L/H 2800 W, Incl Zero-Force Gun, Follow-Me Hose Reel, Zoom Lance & Foam Cannon

AVA Master P80 Pressure Washer, High Power Jet Washer For Car Washing, Garden & Patio Cleaning, 160 Bar 600 L/H 2800 W, Incl Zero-Force Gun, Follow-Me Hose Reel, Zoom Lance & Foam Cannon

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Included as standard is AVA's award-winning zoom lance, meaning you can extend & retract, giving you the comfort and range to give a close, effective jet spray no matter the situation. The AVA Zero Force trigger gun is also included - the ONLY short nosed gun on the market with a strain reducing trigger, which takes 90% less force to use & gives your trigger hand relief especially when working over longer periods! Whats covered? The warranty covers the cost of parts and labor if for example your pressure washers motor, power transmission, or electrical components fail. You can think of it as coverage over all the things not covered via the service kits, where worn down parts such as valves and seals are replaced. Please do not hesitate to have a look at some of our videos showing how to easily make your patio, roof, or car shine like new. AVA pride themselves on the Master series’ user-friendliness, efficiency & design. Ready to use right out of the box, the powerful AVA Master P80 jet washer was designed to get rid of all the old problems pressure washers had: tilting and falling over, cheap plastic water filters & stiff unmanageable hoses. These issues, & more, are a thing of the past with an AVA Master. Get right to it, get cleaning & get the satisfaction of a job well done. Do you also use to move your pressure washer to other locations, like your summerhouse, garage, etc? Please remember that you need access to the same power at all locations

AVA Master - the name of this series of high-pressure cleaners already indicates what you can expect.The testers praised, among other things, the performance, the clever details, the equipment as well as the effectiveness and ergonomics of the device and the accessories supplied. But the inner values of the Master series are also worth mentioning, because even the smallest model in this series, the Master P60, has a 4-piston all-metal pump. This is rather rare in this class of cleaners, as most other manufacturers only equip their units with 3-piston pumps. The unique low pump speed and long stroke ensure that the Master's pump is very effective at self-priming while reducing the risk of internal cavitation. Depending on the model range, AVA Master pressure washers operate at (model-dependent) working pressures between 145 and 160 bar, have flushing capacities between 500 and 600 litres per hour and have motor outputs between 2,100 and 2,800 watts. The special "Follow me" hose reel developed by AVA is suspended so that it can rotate vertically and always follows the direction in which the 8-metre-long, steel-reinforced high-pressure hose is pulled, making the cleaner less prone to tipping over than comparable units. In addition, the Master has a retractable metal anti-tip device which, together with the low centre of gravity, ensures a solid stand. The "Zero Force" high-pressure gun and the multi-extendable, patented zoom lance ensure a good and ergonomic posture and relaxed working. The practical AVA bayonet plug-in connection ensures simple, tool-free mounting and replacement of the extensive range of accessories. With the help of the storage integrated into the unit and the practical lance support, some of the accessories are always "on board" and cannot get lost. Like all AVA cleaners, the Master Series features the adapterless gun-lance nozzle system, which allows a variety of combinations (from ultra-short to ultra-long) for all purposes, surfaces and tasks. AVA Master pressure washers come with an extendable support bar at the front. This support bar, along with the weight of the machine & it's low centre of gravity, offer enough resistance to stop your machine from toppling over when the hose is over extended. This AVA pressure washer will be covered by a 20 year warranty. AVA believe we cannot continue to use and dispose products as we have become accustomed to. Together we can make products last longer. AVA build products that are made to last and quality has influenced their design since day one. If you take care of your washer with regular service, the service life will increase considerably. The Master series from AVA is designed to be extremely user-friendly and comes with a long-lasting 4-cylinder metal pump which offers durability and brilliant performance. The machine is extremely stable thanks to an extendable front support, not to mention a low centre of gravity. One of AVA's most useful features, the “follow-me” hose reel, is also included. The Master P80 offers terrific power just when you need it and will happily blast away all types of dirt to be found on a car or even domestically such as a patio or alike.If you have had a pressure washer in the past which delivered at your scope, consider keeping the same or higher power for your new one. Taking care of your property is taking care of our planet. Please use some extra minutes now and then to ensure that the product will keep lasting. Everything breaks someday. But with Ava, we trust you to do the small repairs and services – if you prefer – by offering “no-profit spare parts” and instructional videos showing how to repair or take service on your pressure washer. And one more good news: You do not lose your 20-year consumer warranty even though you do a repair by yourself.

The higher the p-number, the faster you will clean. Do not worry that any AVA pressure washer will destroy your car paint or wooden panels on your patio. It's always about using the wide nozzles. AVA Go was designed and engineered for those of you who are in the market for a lightweight pressure washer that is easy to work with, but still reaches the expectations for quality and user experience. P80 = 2800 watt (13A slow fuse, no other electrical apparatus must be used at the same time. We recommend 16A slow fuse for problem-free use) How much would you like to spend? Like most electrical apparatuses buying “a bigger one” will be an investment in time.

AVA Evolution has long-lasting metal pumps; 4 and 6 cylinders for durability and performance, a low center of gravity, and our "follow-me" hose reel that fits up to 20 m hose. It is also equipped with a tool tray for easy placement of nozzles. A wide range of optional accessories will make most outdoor washing operations finish like a dream. Great for cleaning cars, houses, patios, driveways, fences & several other outdoor surfaces, the Master P80 features a 4-cylinder metal pump for reliable and long-lasting operation, a tip-resistant design with an extendable front support & low centre of gravity, as well as a a steel-reinforced hose - not forgetting AVA's 20 year warranty! AVA Master has a long-lasting 4-cylinder metal pump for durability and performance. It is extremely stable due to a retractable front support, low center of gravity, and our "follow-me" hose reel. Cleaning with AVA provides the possibility to finish at halftime. Learn how to clean carefully and efficiently by using the 1-2-3 method.

AVA Smart is a good balance between quality and reasonable price. You get a compact form of a 3-cylinder V3 pump. Enjoy the smart features such as a rollover-proof design, "follow-me" hose reel, short pistol, and practical zoom lance. Cut your work time in half with The AVA 1-2-3 Method. Start with foaming the area you’re cleaning. Then get up close with the extendable zoom lance to maximize the pressure of the water. Finally, choose a wider nozzle to cover as much area as possible to rinse off. AVA's 1-2-3 method allows you to foam, then maximise the pressure of the water, followed by the wider nozzle option to cover as much surface area as possible.the evolution series is designed with a focus on user-friendliness. The Evolution P80 pressure washer has a long-lasting 4-cylinder metal pump for durability and performance. It is stable due to its front support, low center of gravity, and our “follow me” hose reel. The P80 is a large pressure washer and therefore equipped with big, sturdy wheels and a handle in front for carrying. Included within the AVA Master P80 Large bundle is an AVA foam cannon which creates a layer of long-lasting foam that clings to every surface. Featuring an adjustable foam output the AVA foam cannon utilizes a high-quality stainless steel mesh filter to mix detergent, water & air.

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