bulk pack of 30 x 8" elasticated toggles/bungee ball/straps/shock cords for home and camping

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bulk pack of 30 x 8" elasticated toggles/bungee ball/straps/shock cords for home and camping

bulk pack of 30 x 8" elasticated toggles/bungee ball/straps/shock cords for home and camping

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Bungee cords are generally not illegal but may have limitations on their use. They are typically considered supplementary restraints for lightweight cargo and equipment, rather than primary restraints. The definition of lightweight cargo and equipment may vary, so drivers and carriers should exercise discretion and follow applicable regulations. 5. How do you secure a ball bungee? Before we delve into their various uses, what are ball bungees? Being made of the same material as bungee cords, these small yet mighty products are equipped with a plastic ball that ties them together, rather than the usual metal hooks. Their abrasion resistance, UV and water resistance, and cost-effectiveness makes them the perfect tool – mainly if you’re wanting to tie two things together. How do you tie a ball bungee? Although it’s the most wonderful time of the year, it can also end up being the most stressful – especially when hanging up Christmas decorations. Make the job easier with ball bungees, using these to attach festive lights to posts, fences or trees. 8) Secure a lid

While we’re on the subject, whether you use those carabiners or not, you can create that double knot bungee and hang clothes over it so that they can dry throughout the day. Most ball bungees are about 6” x 5”, meaning the loop will be enough to cover a 6” x 5” area without requiring too much stretching. Most of them are made out of polyurethane, in the middle, and a cross woven fabric on the outside that can stretch with it. Not only does this help prevent UV rays, but it takes a while for the color to fade in the sun as well. Securing a Tarp: You knew this was coming. You can secure tarps with bungee straps as well as with ball bungees. The difference is that bungee straps are less adjustable, so you actually have to look for a size that coincides with your project if you want the line to be taut.The length of your bungee cord is very important in determining how effective it will be at various tasks. A bungee cord will stretch to a good tautness that is roughly 50% longer than its original length. That means a bungee cord that is 4 feet long might stretch safely to around 6 feet, where it will be nice and taught, which is when it’s working the best. If you stretch a bungee cord too far, you run the risk of breaking the rubber components inside and ruining the bungee cord, but it is usually very difficult to stretch one to that point, so don’t be scared to give it a good tug when you’re affixing it to something. If the cord is too loose, it might come undone while you’re driving, or during a wind storm, and the cord will fail to secure your items once it has fallen off. Christmas lights look fantastic on fences and posts, but nobody wants to put staples through them to make them stay in place. Either that, or they keep slipping off of the chain link fence in the front yard, and won’t stay put. Ball bungees to the rescue.

The cords used in ball bungees are just like bungee cable cords. Depending on the material and diameter, they can hold a lot of weight. You can use a ball bungee to keep the hood closed if the latch is busted, or keep the bumper from falling off so you can get home. These temporary fixes are the times that you’re glad you had a ball bungee available. Double tie this around and pull it taut around the ball, and the cables will stay together no matter what. No more zip ties that put you at-risk for cutting your cables when you have to eventually undo those zip ties. 7. Cooler Lids Only use the amount of force that is needed. If your project has a smaller circumference than that, you can just wrap the ball bungee around twice to make up for it. You have to make sure there are effective anchor spots. If there are, this is a non-invasive, strong way to hold onto your bag or belongings while you travel.

Tie-Downs: A bungee cord can be used to secure just about anything. With a heavy duty cable, you can hold boxes down so they don’t roll around in the trunk, or keep a fragile item in the perfect position during transit.

Hang up flood lights, hang cables up nice and high, or group small materials together to help keep things a little more organized. 15. Keeping a Camera Steady The stretch of ball bungee cords depends on their length. For example, a 4-inch bungee cord can stretch up to 8 inches, while a 6-inch bungee cord can stretch up to 11 inches when including the ball. The diameter of the bungee cord is 0.2 inch, and the diameter of the ball is 1 inch. 4. Are bungee cords illegal?

Group your hoses, cables, or any other items together that can easily become tangled. Twisted cords not only cause a mess, but incorrect storage can lead to damage. Equipment can be expensive to replace, so avoid this at all costs. Using ball bungees combats these issues, making them perfect for just about anyone – from the camper to the construction worker. 2) Grouping shed equipment together Ball bungee cords work by cutting a bungee cord at both ends and looping it around a plastic or wooden ball. The ends are then pulled through the ball and tied together on the other side to prevent slipping. This design allows for easy and secure fastening of objects. 2. What are ball stretch cords used for? Bungee cords are like stretchy ropes that have hooks on either end. If you want to tighten something down without using fancy knots, a bungee cord will usually get the job done in a simple and intuitive fashion. Your average ⅛” diameter cable can hold about a hundred pounds of pressure. A half-inch bungee cord should be able to hold between four-hundred and five-hundred pounds before it snaps. This is extremely helpful during camping if you’re on a three-day trip and plan on going swimming. Hang garments up after you’ve washed them or gone for a swim, and just let the sun dry them. Don’t worry; the bungee cable can handle the moisture without being damaged. 3. Securing Firewood

This is one of the most versatile uses of ball bungees for sure. If you’re renovating your home, first of all, I’m sorry about how stressful it is. A few ball bungees can help lighten the load. Whether you want to tie down a lid on a recycling bin or pet food container, ball bungees will keep everything secure to prevent any pests from being tempted into the area. 9) Secure a pet crate Bungee cables are excellent at holding things in place under great tension, but just because you can use them with immense pressure doesn’t mean you should. Industrial bungee cables are known to hold up to two tons (4,000 lbs) of pressure before snapping, but those aren’t something you’re going to find yourself using anytime soon. Are Bungee Cables UV Resistant?They might just be one of the most versatile pieces of equipment that you can have for a multitude of reasons, whether it’s camping, tarping, or even just hanging things up in your house without using a nail to do it. Keeping Things Shut: Ever been on the highway, and you see furniture poking out of a little sedan’s trunk with cables keeping it shut? Those are bungee cables. While this isn’t a good thing to do, you can use bungee cables more responsibly to keep something closed, like a cabinet door with a faulty hinge or something along those lines.

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