Beauty of Joseon Glow Deep Serum Rice + Alpha-Arbutin

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Beauty of Joseon Glow Deep Serum Rice + Alpha-Arbutin

Beauty of Joseon Glow Deep Serum Rice + Alpha-Arbutin

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With a pH of 6.3, this serum is formulated without artificial fragrances, parabens, sulfates, artificial color, alcohol, silicone, mineral oil and essential oils. Björklund S, Engblom J, Thuresson K, Sparr E. Glycerol and urea can be used to increase skin permeability in reduced hydration conditions. Eur J Pharm Sci. 2013 Dec 18;50(5):638-45. doi: 10.1016/j.ejps.2013.04.022. Epub 2013 May 3. PMID: 23643739. As always, I didn’t have too many expectations from this serum because I don’t think Korean Skincare products are that effective for hyperpigmentation. During the times I used the samples, I was surprised to find out how these serums significantly calmed down my inflamed skin. In particular, the Calming Serum with green tea and panthenol was an absolute joy to help hydrate and give my irritated skin some relief. I’d dispense a dropper-full or two onto my palm and pat the serum over my skin. And as a side note, I would also mix a few drops of serum into my CC cream to prevent dry patches or flakes, while simultaneously giving a glass-skin-like glow. The Highlights

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During the two weeks I used this product, I can say that it’s making a difference on my skin. Now that my skin is gradually recovering, I’m left with red acne marks (which unfortunately stand out on my fair skin). Since this serum contains rice bran extract, rice bran water, and arbutin, these ingredients can hypothetically help lessen the redness.

These serums have been my go-to during the Summer as they are super lightweight and give me just enough hydration that I need. Tanno, O., Y. Ota, N. Kitamura, T. Katsube, and S. Inoue. “ Nicotinamide increases biosynthesis of ceramides as well as other stratum corneum lipids to improve the epidermal permeability barrier.” British Journal of Dermatology143, no. 3 (2000): 524-531. The 'Hanbang discovery kit' was created for those who want to find out which of the four BOJ serums is best for their skin.Arbutin is particularly effective in fading melasma, and a concentration of 3% is the most effective for fading this type of hyperpigmentation. Boo, Yong Chool. “ Arbutin as a skin depigmenting agent with antimelanogenic and antioxidant properties.” Antioxidants10, no. 7 (2021): 1129. As always, you do you; be kind to your skin and yourself! Remember that every person’s skin and skin type is different, so what might work for me might not work for you, and vice versa. So, before adding a new product to your skincare routine, it pays to do a little research first. To learn more, please read our Complete Guide on Niacinamide and How to Reduce Hyperpigmentation with Niacinamide. Panthenol

Guide on Best Humectants in Skincare Which Are the Best Humectants for Skin? by Alyssa Tan for Garden of Muses Glycerin Chularojanamontri, Leena, Papapit Tuchinda, Kanokvalai Kulthanan, and Kamolwan Pongparit. “ Moisturizers for acne: What are their constituents?.” The Journal of clinical and aesthetic dermatology7, no. 5 (2014): 36. Mohammed, D., J. M. Crowther, P. J. Matts, J. Hadgraft, and M. E. Lane. “ Influence of niacinamide containing formulations on the molecular and biophysical properties of the stratum corneum.” International journal of pharmaceutics441, no. 1-2 (2013): 192-201.rice bran water gives its watery texture, and is known as ‘beauty water’ in traditional Korean skincare because of its ability to moisturise and clarify the skin. You have ginseng! Niacinamide! Propolis! Panthenol! Alpha Arbutin! All the hottest skincare ingredients and all in those beautiful little bottles! Alpha Arbutin takes forever to fade hyperpigmentation and is best paired with other Tyrosinase Inhibitors like Kojic Acid, Tranexamic Acid, Azelaic Acid, etc. I’m halfway through the Glow Deep Serum, one of their newest serums, and I thought I should share my thoughts before I run out. First Impressions of the Beauty of Joseon Glow Deep Serum

Using this in combination with the Beauty of Joseon Ginseng Water can maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of the ginseng. Our skin felt super hydrated and bouncier from the inside. Those who suffer from oily skin – this is the serum for you! The niacinamide and propolis worked amazingly well to reduce sebum production, which mean it won’t clog pores, which means that pores appear smaller. Fluhr, J. W., R. Darlenski, and C. J. B. J. Surber. “ Glycerol and the skin: holistic approach to its origin and functions.” British Journal of Dermatology159, no. 1 (2008): 23-34. Strengthens skin barrier. Glycerin also keeps the skin’s lipids flexible, strengthening your skin barrier. That’s not a typo – it’s retinal not retinol, which shows results much faster than retinol ( some say up to 11 times faster 😲)Panthenol is a fantastic skincare ingredient that needs more spotlight. It’s naturally present in all living cells and commonly used in many skin care products. The alpha arbutin is derived from plant sources and is at a 2% concentration, which is great for those who may be sensitive to higher concentrations of alpha arbutin. Beauty of Joseon Glow Serum is here to provide you with glowing, radiant honey skin even for acne-prone skin.

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