Shure BETA 58A Vocal Microphone - Single Element Supercardioid Dynamic Mic Stage And Studio, Includes A25D Adjustable Stand Adapter, 5/8 Inches To 3/8 Inches (Euro) Thread Adapter And Storage Bag

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Shure BETA 58A Vocal Microphone - Single Element Supercardioid Dynamic Mic Stage And Studio, Includes A25D Adjustable Stand Adapter, 5/8 Inches To 3/8 Inches (Euro) Thread Adapter And Storage Bag

Shure BETA 58A Vocal Microphone - Single Element Supercardioid Dynamic Mic Stage And Studio, Includes A25D Adjustable Stand Adapter, 5/8 Inches To 3/8 Inches (Euro) Thread Adapter And Storage Bag

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The extended high-end frequencies on the Beta 58A bring out more of the treble tones within your vocals and an overall presence boost that sits nicely in the mix whether recorded or in a live scenario. der höhere Pegel bei gleichzeitig mehr oberen Mitten und Höhen verringert im Zweifelsfall (z.B. leiserer Gesangsstimme / mässigen Mikrofoneingängen) den Rauschpegel, da am Mischpult sowohl der Pegel- als auch die Höhenregler auf niedrigere Werte eingestellt werden können. Dieser Umstand wirkt sich umso vorteilhafter aus, je mehr Mikrofone angeschlossen sind! Auf den Punkt gebracht ist das Beta 58A unkompliziert, robust und klanglich ein absolut hochwertiges Allround-Mikrofon, dass besonders Live für Gesang meine klare Empfehlung ist, aber auch im Studioeinsatz oder bei der Abnahme von Instrumenten sicherlich seinen Platz findet.

Suitable windscreen: Article nr 135783, matching spare basket: Article nr 148522 (both not included) Thanks to the Shure SLX-D Wireless System's >120 dB dynamic range, you (and your audience) will enjoy crystal clear, digital audio.


The Beta 58A dynamic vocal microphone is precision-engineered for live performance and project studio recording. A tailored frequency response accentuates vocals, and the supercardioid pattern isolates from other sound sources. It combines simple setup and an intuitive interface for performance you can trust in. Included in the Box You could follow the masses and choose Shure, knowing that you’re treading the steps of giants before you. Or you could choose Sennheiser because you’re ready to carve out your own path through the audio jungle. Both strategies lead to the same sound – naturally bright and clear sound for your vocals. Both microphones are almost indestructible which is part of the reason you’ll probably never have to replace either of them. They’re that good. However, the grilles can sometimes get dented over years of use – it happens! The SM58 has a steel mesh grille whereas the Beta 58A has a hardened steel grille. This is a small, but very important feature. Why is this important? The Killers Battle Born Tour". FOH Online. Front of House Magazine. January 13, 2013. Archived from the original on 2022-11-13 . Retrieved November 13, 2022. While the SM58 has become known for its warmth, that warmth sometimes translates into a perceived ‘muddiness’ in the low end. Some people will always prefer the warmer (or muddier) sound of the SM58. But for those who don’t, the Beta 58A is the answer to their prayers, with its much improved clarity and brightness.

Empire Of The Sun use the following Shure Products". Shure endorsee. JANDS . Retrieved October 3, 2011.

The Beta 58A is a solidly built microphone, with a metal enclosure and a hardened steel grille. The grille unscrews, giving you access to the internal electronics. It also provides access to the foam insert, for cleaning. The body of the Beta 58A has a subtle and classy blue hue, clearly distinguishing it from the SM58. Whether you're presenting or entertaining, to fully capture your audience you need high quality, uninterrupted performance. Straight out of the box, the Beta 58A provides more high-end detail thanks to the 50 to 16,000 Hz frequency response. The SM58 has a 50 to 15,000 Hz which makes a difference depending on what your voice sounds like. Why is this important? The Shure SM58 and Shure Beta 58A are both reasonably priced for the quality they offer. However, the Beta 58A is slightly more expensive than the SM58.

Also avaialble are optional Shure SB903 Li-ion rechargeable batteries and charging accessories which give you the same great performance length. Easy To Set Up Included in this set along with the SLX-D Wireless receiver is a wireless Beta 58A handheld microphone. Furthermore, utilising cutting edge, digital wireless technology, the Shure SLX-D wireless system provides incredibly stable signals with high efficiency, giving you performance you can rely on. Extended Performance Time The Shure Beta 58A is a rugged [ when defined as?] dynamic supercardioid microphone developed by Shure Incorporated specifically for live vocal performances. [1] The microphone won a TEC Award in 1996 for outstanding microphone technology. [2]

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Nun hatte ich aber zunächst einmal Zweifel, ob die grössere "Brillianz" wirklich von Vorteil ist, zumal ein mit Equipment und Sound erfahrener Musikerkollege beim Blindtest mit Sprechen und Acapella Gesang klar feststellte, dass das SM 58 meine Stimme authentischer wiedergibt, also "wie ohne Mikrofon", während das Beta 58 mehr "nach durch ein Mikrofon gesungen" klingt. Frequency response tailored for vocals, with brightened midrange and bass rolloff to control proximity effect In the world of live vocals, especially in a band scenario, the polar pattern could be the major difference you’re looking for. A cardioid polar pattern does a great job of rejecting off-axis sounds such as the drummer behind you, the crowd in front of you, or the guitarist next to you. Though the shape and intended applications are similar, the Beta 58A has little in common with the earlier and popular SM58. [1] The Beta series uses a capsule and a transformer different from the SM series.

Es hat sich damit einen Status verdient wie kein zweites Mikrofon und macht auch heute noch eine gute Figur. Allerdings hört man dem SM58 das Alter schon an und genau dort kommt das Beta 58A ins Spiel. Wo dem SM58 Brillianz und Feinheit fehlen kann das Beta 58A punkten. Ich hatte schon vor dem Kauf geahnt, dass die Klangqualität dem SM58 überlegen sei, aber als ich den ersten Vergleichstest durchgeführt habe, war ich absolut begeistert.In the tradition of the SM58, the dynamic Beta 58A has become the first choice among singers and professional sound engineers. Der erste Soundvergleich mit meinem guten alten Shure SM58 erwies deutlich, dass das Shure Beta 58 sowohl "lauter" als auch "brillianter" ist. The major difference and one of the ultimate factors when it comes to choosing between the Shure Beta 58A and the SM58 is the polar pattern. Shure are world renowned for their vocal microphones, which are used extensively by chart topping singers of the highest calibre. If you’ve ever seen a live show, chances are you’ll have heard a Shure microphone. So, if you’re a singer with a quieter voice, and you need a lot of monitor sounds, the supercardioid pattern of the Beta 58A comes in really handy. However, if you’re quite shouty or enjoy singing at a semi-loud volume, then the SM58’s cardioid pattern is totally fine.

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