CleanCo Clean G Non Alcoholic Gin Alternative, 70cl

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CleanCo Clean G Non Alcoholic Gin Alternative, 70cl

CleanCo Clean G Non Alcoholic Gin Alternative, 70cl

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For some, however, stripping out the alcohol to create a no-lo beer is “madness”. That’s the view of Felix von Hurter, who last year co-launched Freestar. “The process is destructive to flavour and it’s often quite aggressive,” he says. He also adds that it is hugely wasteful. Freestar, in contrast, is made without any yeast or brewing whatsoever. “We have the same ingredients – we have hops, a really great malted barley and a secret sauce of natural ingredients that brings the complexity that the fermentation would otherwise bring. We blend those ingredients with a demineralised water, then we force carbonate,” – the term for adding bubbles to a drink. The end result is a 0% IPA-style lager, which von Hurter claims uses 80% less energy and 80% less water than a standard beer. People want to moderate. It’s the flexitarian approach to alcohol

I find myself being very unimpressed with CleanCo Clean G. It is definitely not the best alcohol-free gin I’ve tasted and reviewed, and I’m not sure why the judges at IWSC gave it such high scores ( which makes me wonder how bad the other gins were). So let’s go ahead and try this non-alcoholic gin! Below, I share my full tasting notes in this CleanCo Clean G review and where you can buy it. Alcohol, however, acts as a powerful preservative and without it the shelf life is dramatically reduced. So too if you cut out sugar, which most of the current generation of spirits do in an attempt to win over calorie-conscious consumers. This Dry London Spirit by Lyre’s perfectly captures the essence of the classic gin. At the same time, the flavours are unique, distinctly Lyre’s and contemporary. If this sounds intriguing, we guess you’re just going to have to try some! You can expect firm flavours with juniper and citrus, earthy notes and pepperberry which adds warmth and delivers a generous, dry finish. While we’ve definitely enjoyed a tipple or two of our own, we aren’t the only fans of this non-alcoholic gin. Lyre’s was awarded a slew of medals, including nods from the Melbourne International Spirits Competition, IWSC, London Spirits Competition and San Francisco World Spirits Competition.The process takes about six weeks, which is a bit longer than it would take to make its alcoholic counterpart. Is Non-Alcoholic Gin Good for You? Flavouring– Like Four Pillars does with its Bloody Shiraz, gin producers love to mess around with flavours, and the same is true of the alcohol-free variation. You might find non-alcoholic gins with cucumber notes, strong juniper berries or any number of bizarre ingredients. Make sure you keep an eye on the flavouring. Producing a decent shelf-life is not the only issue with these drinks. “Ensuring the right juniper character for Gordon’s 0.0% alcohol free spirit was particularly challenging as juniper’s insolubility with water created significant challenges,” says Charlotte Gibbon, the British head of marketing at Gordon’s. The drink is made in a similar way to Feregaia: distilling in water, rather than in alcohol. It, too, uses potassium sorbate and artificial sweeteners. These help keep the drink down to a mere 6 calories per 50cl, compared with 104 for a full-strength Gordon’s. But they do give the drink the faint odour of handwash. But there is a more fundamental reason: in most cases, a small amount of alcohol is crucial in creating a good no-lo drink. “Alcohol covers all manner of sins,” says Boase. For him, stripping out all the alcohol makes for an unpleasant beer. “Alcohol tends to balance sweetness in the same way that it balances bitterness.” It derives its predominant flavour from juniper berries and is a distilled alcoholic drink that originated as a medicinal liquor.

Another Aussie legend in the non-alcoholic spirits world, the Yarra Valley-based Banks Botanicals’ unique spirit is a bold blend of five ingredients – each individually distilled to ensure that the flavour and essence of each botanical are captured in their purest form. You can expect cinnamon notes of cassia combined with the fresh high notes of lemon myrtle and lime. And, if you need a bit of extra temptation to buy a bottle, they give ten cents for every bottle sold to Bush Heritage Australia. How good. Unlike non-alcoholic beers, natural flavorings in non-alcoholic spirits refer to the botanicals such as juniper, and not chemically created flavors. In the case of Clean G, some of the botanicals used include juniper, orris root, cardamom, and angelica root. Kantar’s analysis of shoppers’ baskets shows that 23% of all alcohol buyers also sometimes buy no-lo drinks, suggesting they are moderators. A mere 0.6% of those adult drinks buyers who buy no-lo only buy no-lo. “You can assume they are teetotallers,” says Richard Lee at Kantar. This partly explains the popularity of 1.2% spirits and 0.5% beers – most consumers are not that bothered if there is a tiny amount of non-intoxicating alcohol in their drinks. As for the juniper – which is the essential ingredient of any gin or gin alternative – well, I couldn’t find much of the juniper notes. Nothing about this drink tells me I am drinking a gin alternative.Adding ice to Clean G helped to tone down the strong lemon notes, but it also washes out the juniper notes even more. I usually like adding ice to my non-alcoholic gins, but in this case, I prefer Clean G neat. Non-alcoholic drinks used to be bought by a small number of committed teetotallers. Now, a far larger group of consumers fall into the moderation camp. “Most people are what we call ‘blenders’,” says Stuart Elkington, 49, who owns the online retailer Dry Drinker. “They blend what they drink. They have a no or low drink during the week, in the confidence they can have alcohol at the weekend.” GoogleClean worked smoothly in our tests, without triggering the operating system to hang, crash or prompt error messages. It has a good response time and low impact on system performance, using low CPU and RAM.

It features several handy options that should be easy to figure to figure out. The app offers support for Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera ans Saferi. Don’t get me wrong, Clean G doesn’t taste bad at all. It is a decent tasting non-alcoholic drink but it needs more juniper notes, less lemon, and a fuller mouthfeel to replicate traditional gin better. Clean G is, to my tastebuds, far more like a gin, with a juniper nose and heavy citrus tang. Is it indistinguishable from the real thing? Not quite. Matthews says trying to get even close to replicating a gin, with only a fraction of the alcohol, “is incredibly complicated.” His business partner is confident that with each tweak to the recipe – and they are on their third iteration – they’re getting closer.Buy it here (Gordons) Buy it here (Dan Murphy’s) Buy it here (Sans Drinks) Image: Tanqueray 4. Tanqueray Alcohol Free

The process of making non-alcoholic gin is very similar to alcoholic gin. Both rely on the same types of botanicals which are the fruity, floral, fragrant components that make up a gin such as juniper, (the one known for giving gin its ‘ginny’ taste) as well as fruit peels, spices and herbs. Flavour profile: Flavours come through strong with infused lavender, rosemary, lemon thyme, myrtle, orange and lemon peel.The team at Sipsmith are self-proclaimed perfectionists when it comes to alcohol-free spirits. They believe it’s pretty easy to make gin, but to make delicious non-alcoholic gin requires skill, patience and craft. FreeGlider is what they’ve created, with flavours including eucalyptus, with spicy juniper undertones and zesty citrus balanced by a full-bodied capsicum heat, it is undeniably sippable. From London Dry to a few more progressive flavour combinations, we’ve hit the bars and bottleshops to source the very best alcohol-free gins to put on your drinks list. We’re going to run through the pros and cons, so strap in and simmer down. Here is a list of the best non-alcoholic gins in Australia.

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