Daddy's Collection: 8 DDLG Stories

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Daddy's Collection: 8 DDLG Stories

Daddy's Collection: 8 DDLG Stories

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Maybe sensing Christy's embarrassment, the small girl gave the most reassuring smile she could muster, "Don't worry, I'll go get Miss Stacy! She'll be able to help!" When we get home I take her out of her carseat and then we walk inside. I set her down and sit on the couch and pat my lap. "Over" I tell her. DLDG is nothing like that! IT’S NOT AN ACTUAL RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN A FATHER AND DAUGHTER — IT IS A FUN ROLEPLAY BETWEEN TWO CONSENTING ADULTS! You went red again, burying your face into the soft fabric of his shirt. “Sorry for makin’ the carpet all messy, daddy.” You mumbled with a pout. Fiddling with the soft fabric of your pajamas. She felt the cramp cause a push in her bowels and she helplessly spread her legs to accommodate what she knew was coming next. She let out a bit of a grunt as the cramp forced another push in her bowels, only this time it was accompanied by a warm mush spreading into the seat of her pull-up. She once again felt frozen in place as her body forced the large mess into her pull-up. By the time it was done spreading across her bottom, she felt the familiar warmth between her legs as her bladder gave out as well, soaking her now messy pull-up.

Soon after she finished crying, I kissed her cheek, pointing to her homework, "Still want daddy's help?" After giving that thought a bit of consideration, Christy finally relented. "Alright, just... don't let the kids see you bringing them in or anything, okay?" Would you like it in a bottle or a sippy cup?” The bartender asked unphased by the astonishment on my face that he would even ask that.


DDlg revolves around wanting to please and fearing disapproval, so rewards and punishments are vital. Therefore pats on the head and forehead kisses mean a lot, and spankings are usually a must. In addition, keeping the attitude of “Daddy knows best” will also deepen intimacy. Good DD/lg rules for littles include: Yes you are, aren’t you bug?” He asked happily, the pet name bringing butterflies to your tummy. “And you said you didn’t want to wear a little diapee, look how cute you look.” He cooed, causing you to bite your lip and hide from him behind your stuffed cat. He had a way of making you blush so hard, and you loved it.

This compromise brought a smile to Stacy's face and she nodded at the request. "Of course, I'll make sure they don't see anything. I'll put them inside the hatch on the changing table and you can use that room to change whenever you need to." Christy couldn't help but be a bit flustered at the gesture. She'd agreed to wear them, of course, but she'd hoped to wait until the next day. Still, it wouldn't be a terrible idea to put one on now. It was like Stacy said, just in case. "Alright. Gimme a sec." She slipped into the changing room, shutting the door behind her and pulling down her pants. She retrieved the pull-up off the changing table, looking it over a bit in her hands. But… you did. You don’t know why. Maybe it was because you just… really wanted him to enforce his dominance over you. If he gave you no choice it wouldn’t be your fault would it? As daddy was saying this, he had secured one ankle to the bed, and had moved to the other one, making sure my legs were drawn apart, not to tight as to hurt, but far enough I could not bring them together.She wasn't disappointed. As soon as the word 'diaper' left her mouth, Christy was already shaking her head. "No way! I'm NOT wearing a diaper, Stacy, I'm not a baby! I told you this last time!" Even the thought of wearing a diaper was just humiliating for her at this point and she wasn't having any of Stacy's suggestion that she actually wear them. My cat was my best friend. You would think he was a human the way I talked to him. Pulling Binx on top of my stomach I ruffled his fur. I would have been content watching the ceiling fan rotate if it wasn’t for my phone to buzz with another text message from Taylor. She had sent me multiple messages with single question marks.

ok sorry about that other topic, i didn't realize when u post something here no one else cna see it.. ok below is my story...its ok if not good enough to post.. just figured i'd try)

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Since there is not much clear information on DLDG kink, some people mistakenly believe it's encouraging pedophilia, abuse or whatever other horrifying things that comes to mind. The Daddy Dom ultimately chooses the clothing his little girl wears, but short skirts, dresses, and having their hair in braids or pigtails is usual protocol. School girl outfits are very popular, and Brazilian waxes are a great way to get that look and feel for ageplaying.

After other several moments pass my attention was drawn upwards as I could hear someone scream out in pain. I gasped as on the other side of the bar, a female was bent over a man’s knee. She was being spanked. If you are naturally dominant, confident in real life it will naturally move to your sexual life as well. It can be hard to explain this lifestyle or know what things to say to someone who doesn’t understand this kink. Basically, age playing and DDlg satisfy both individuals involved on many levels: How to Be a Daddy DomI tried to apologize through my paci, “please daddy I’m sorry, please….” I didn’t know what was going to happen, but no one likes the thought of punishment. I stood in the corner, tears still streaming down my face, my bum burning bright red as daddy lay down on the bed and turn the tv on, only he had it on mute, so I could hear him telling me what a baby I was, how only babys got food all over their faces, and cried when they got spanked. This just made me even more humiliated and the tears kept flowing.

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