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Dixit Expansion 2

Dixit Expansion 2

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Just like the tokens, each of the scoreboard colors corresponds with a bunny color. One downside we found about the Dixit voting boards is that most of the colors look the same, therefore it’s really hard to tell them apart. Regular Version Stella – Dixit Universe is a related game designed by Gérald Cattiaux and Jean-Louis Roubira, with artwork by Jérôme Pélissier, first published in October 2021. [31] The first Dixit expansion to be released was Dixit Quest, released in 2010, 2 years after the release of the initial base game. The storyteller looks at the six cards in their hand and selects one, composing a sentence or phrase that might describe it and says it out loud, without showing the card to the other players. [3] The storyteller 's goal is to provide a description that is ambiguous enough that not all other players will recognize the card, yet relevant enough that some will. [4] Best Party Board Games (Reviewed Feb 19.) - BGL's Top 10". Board Games Land. 2019-01-30 . Retrieved 2019-02-01.

If at least one player, but not all the players, find the narrator’s card then the narrator receives 3 points, and each player who found the narrator’s card receives 3 points. Furthermore, each player receives 1 bonus point per vote on their card. Each player (except for the storyteller) then secretly guesses which picture was the storyteller 's, using numbered voting chips. Each voting player cannot vote for the card(s) they had selected for the tableau. For games with seven or more players (under the Odyssey rules), each voting player may vote for a second image. [5] Once the votes have been revealed, scoring is based on the number of votes that correctly guessed the storyteller 's card. Accommodates 3–12 players. Features updated artwork; illustrations by Pierre Lechevalier (Pierô), with color by Cardouat. Morgan, Matt (March 20, 2012). "Details Emerge on Wheaton-Hosted 'Tabletop' Gaming Web Series". MTV . Retrieved 13 February 2023. If all the players find the narrator’s card then the narrator gets 0 points and every other player receives 2 points. If no player finds the narrator’s card, then the narrator receives 0 points and every other player receives 2 points.The score for each round is the number of stars that were filled during that round on each player's Personal Slate. If a player is in the dark, their score is penalized by -1 for each match (e.g., 1 point for a spark and 2 points for a super spark) unless all the cards they had selected resulted in a spark or super spark. In that case, the player in the dark did not fall and they score full points for each match. [32] The scout starts the matching phase of the game by pointing to one of the cards in the tableau which they had selected. All players (including the scout) who selected the same card receive a spark and fill in two stars on their Personal Slate matching that card position. If only one other player (in addition to the scout) selected the same card, those two players receive a super spark and fill in three stars on their Personal Slate. If no players selected the same card, the scout has fallen: they are unable to continue filling stars or bonus stars for this round, and the First Scout Token is passed on to the next player. Because the scout 's turn continues until that scout has fallen, the scout should start with the most obvious match first, to ensure they can accumulate some sparks. The round continues until all players have fallen, or the players who have not served as scout have no cards left to confirm. [32] In the original rules, players who did not find the storyteller 's card were ineligible for bonus points. [ citation needed] In the revised rules, each of the other players receive +1 bonus point per vote for their own card. [7] Spin-offs [ edit ] Dixit Jinx [ edit ] Sample tableau in Dixit Jinx, with position card indicating lower right corner Once the clue is announced, each of the other players selects the most appropriate card by placing their finger on the card. Only one finger is allowed per card, so if two (or more) players select the same card, the first player that shouts "Jinx" keeps their selection, while the other(s) must select a different card. Once a card is selected by a player, the active player indicates if that player has correctly guessed the active player 's image card. If the guess is incorrect, the player making the incorrect guess removes their finger and is not allowed to continue guessing. If the guess is correct, the turn ends. Any card selections remaining after the correct guess are ignored.

Hinder, Carine; Pèlissier, Jérôme. "Dixit 6: Overview" (PDF). Libellud . Retrieved 13 February 2023. Now, every player except for the narrator must identify the narrator’s card using their voting tokens. Players are not allowed to vote on their own cards. Dixit World brings the storytelling card game to iOS and Android for free". Tabletop Gaming UK. 19 September 2018 . Retrieved 14 February 2023.Perling, Anna; Austin, James (9 December 2019). "The best beginner board games for adults". The Wirecutter . Retrieved 12 November 2021. Dixit Jinx is a spin-off with a similar gameplay mechanic of describing cards in a tableau, published in 2012. [28] However, Jinx uses a streamlined set of equipment and more abstract images. It was designed by Josep M. Allué and illustrated by Dominique Ehrhard. [29] Play has been described as a cross between Dixit and Jungle Speed. [30] Scoring is the same as regular Dixit, and the game ends when each player has had a chance to be the storyteller.

Of course, there isn’t one single expansion that would be best for everyone. That’s why instead of ranking each expansion, we’ll talk about the most popular Dixit expansions, and highlight their best features. This way, you’ll easily find out which one you’ll enjoy the most. There are 10 Dixit Expansions. Each one of them is made of 84 new cards, so in total there are 924 unique Dixit cards if you count the one from the base game.

Players must then try to guess which image is the storyteller’s and vote in secret by placing one of their voting tokens face-down on the table – once everyone has voted, all voting tokens are revealed and placed on the image they voted for.

To prepare the game, you first have to set out the board. Have each player choose a bunny and collect their corresponding voting tokens equal to the number of players involved. For example, if there are five players, you only get five tokens. Now, place each of the players’ colored bunny on the “start” position on the scoreboard. Shuffle the cards and deal 6 to each player. So, you’ve played a game of Dixit, and now you want to have even more fun with a new expansion. Or perhaps you tried your friend’s game, and now you want to get one for yourself. Whichever the case, this article will help you find the best Dixit expansions for you.Team Dixit is a variation for an even number of six or more players, playing in teams of two, contained in the rules of Dixit Odyssey. [5] In the original rules, the winner is the first player to reach 30 points. In the revised rules, the winner is the player with the most points when the last card is drawn. In Dixit Party, each player receives five image cards (instead of six) and takes a green voting token, except for the storyteller, who takes a red token. The storyteller looks at their hand and speaks a phrase that is not related to any image card in their hand. Play then proceeds according to the regular rules, with all players, including the storyteller, selecting an image card that best matches the phrase; the selected image cards are shuffled and placed face-up in a tableau. Each player votes for the image card they feel best matches the phrase. In Team Dixit, each individual player receives four cards each. After the storyteller gives the clue, the storyteller 's teammate hands a card to the storyteller for the tableau (i.e., that team contributes two cards), and each other team hands in a single card for the tableau. Each other team may discuss which card they will turn in, provided the conversation takes place in front of the other players and neither teammate shows their cards. Both the storyteller and their teammate are not allowed to vote.

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