Dokumushi - Vol.1 (Action Comics) Manga

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Dokumushi - Vol.1 (Action Comics) Manga

Dokumushi - Vol.1 (Action Comics) Manga

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So…I don’t completely disagree with Joey when he says that this is very brutal etc., but in terms of the story or art, it is completely…average. That’s all I can say. Nevertheless, I was really excited reading this. Maybe I’m a boring person but I was on edge the entire time? Something about this manga just made me read it like an addict…or something. I have mixed feelings about the art in this work. It's decent, but nothing special. The artist did a good job of drawing gore without any distortion and managed to create thrilling and horrific scenes through good anatomy and panel composition. The art doesn't have extreme details like dynamic highlights and shadows, but I still consider it good. So I was told by a famous YouTuber that this was the most brutal and gory manga ever. That couldn't be farther from the truth. To be honest, I've read more brutal mangathan I can count and this doesn't even reach the top tier.

I actually read the whole book in Japanese unlike 90% of anyone that said anything about the story. I went the extra step and bought all the books from a manga store (PS: I live in Japan) look here--> <-- pretty predictable and full of tropes found all throughout the genre. The characters don't really have any personality to them. (Which I'll admit, is common in horror. But when all of the characters are lifeless it makes it hard to actually make your way through the story.) first of all I would only recommend reading it once it's been translated or just reading it if you know Japanese. I will make only a short review as I plan to make a video review of it. VIDEO REVIEW ---> This is basically a scenerio where ESH applies. I won't go into spoilers, but given the nature of this manga (in which to expose or reveal the cruelty of human nature), I'd say characters behaving in certain ways are justifiable. But at least the MC isn't just some "no, we have to leave with everyone alive!" like every generic MC in any horror mangas do. So I'll just leave it at a 5 one survivor can emerge from the challenges they face, adding to the thrilling intensity of the plot. While the concept of "just survive with everyone" is a bit limited, the characters manage to remain calm until conflicts arise and they begin to turn on each other.If you enjoy horror survival manga, I have a great recommendation for you. Although the premise may seem repetitive like other survival genres, "Dokumushi" offers its own unique take on the genre, adding a new layer to the usual survival story elements. Additionally, this manga is not very long, about 30 chapters, so you can read it in one sitting or over the weekend. However, I cannot make any promises about whether or not you will feel like you wasted your time after reading it. The only reason I started reading it is because I am a huge horror fan and I was excited to see all the gore and over the top graphic scenes that were hyped up to be there. So far it has been rather tame actually. There are a lot of things that I ended up liking. I liked the

My thoughts on the story is located waaaaaay down below, after Overalls, because it is impossible to talk about my thoughts without spoiling the story. cliches to your advantage very effectively, because that's how you can read the vast majority of this without requiring the knowledge of English (or any!) language. Seriously, the scenes are so by the book that it might as well effectively be a textbook example of how to write your very first story (because it's your first, and of course it's going to be bad), and how not to write a story at all if you're at all concerned about making it too cliche. The ending of Dokumushi is literally Doubt! (extremely simila, at least), with the MC being the next Dokumushi game champion. Who is the previous champion? It's the little girl.The combination of the story's narration and the composition of the panels is good. The panels flow naturally into each other. Although this series is considered horror, the story is visualized in a good way with well-drawn images.

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