EcoAir | DC12 Compact Dehumidifier | 12 Litres per Day | Electronic Control | 3.5 L Water Tank | Active Humidistat| Laundry Mode|Clean Your Filter Indicator|Auto Defrost

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EcoAir | DC12 Compact Dehumidifier | 12 Litres per Day | Electronic Control | 3.5 L Water Tank | Active Humidistat| Laundry Mode|Clean Your Filter Indicator|Auto Defrost

EcoAir | DC12 Compact Dehumidifier | 12 Litres per Day | Electronic Control | 3.5 L Water Tank | Active Humidistat| Laundry Mode|Clean Your Filter Indicator|Auto Defrost

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With a 10 litre capacity, the DD322 probably isn't powerful enough to be a whole home dehumidifier unless you have a maximum of 2-3 bedrooms. The good news is that it only weighs 8.5kg, so it's relatively easy to move between rooms when needed. Of course, with the cost of living and climate crisis, it's important to take into account the energy usage of any home appliance, and you'll likely be wondering how much a dehumidifier costs to run. Water Full Light Indicator will lights up when water tank is full. inserted incorrectly or removed. This unit also includes an “Auto Restart”, handy if there is any interruption to the power supply. The function will enable an automatic restart when power is restored, remembering the previous setting. The air purification systemincludes five separate stages. These perform a variety of operations on the air, including a charcoal filter to remove odours and an anti-allergy device to prevent allergens spreading. An ioniser is also included. There is also some negativity surrounding the noise it makes when the fans are on high, which I tend to agree with. Verdict

The EcoAir DC12 is a refrigerant dehumidifier. This means it’s most effective in warm and humid conditions, such as those found inside the average British home. EcoAir specialise in products for managing air quality. They produce a number of products, including dehumidifiers and air conditioning units. The biggest downside to the DD322 is that it isn't as quiet as other desiccant models. If you're looking for an EcoAir bedroom dehumidifier, there are quieter options available.One of the more expensive EcoAir dehumidifiers is the DD322 classic. It's a desiccant model with a 10 litre capacity, large 3.5 litre water tank and a relatively lightweight design. The model has also been highly rated by buyers. As a desiccant dehumidifier, its big plus point is that it can be operated at colder temperatures than a compressor dehumidifier. Unlike most dehumidifiers which use a compressor to draw in warm moist air and then extract the moisture from the air via refrigerant gas and condensing coils, the desiccant means there doesn't need to be ambient warmth in the room for the dehumidifier to do its job. The sides of the dehumidifier are protected from any impact the box may receive as no part of the dehumidifier goes anywhere near the edge of the box.

litres water tank capacity with continuous drainage option, concealed easy glide castor wheels and washable air filter.If you want slightly more power, more extraction of moisture at a slightly higher cost, then the DC18 model is also fantastic. It is identical in appearance to the DC12. There are no automatic humidity sensors in this unit, so you have to select your own humidity level using the dial. This can be difficult to guage to begin with but there’s a handy graphic on the dial so you can select from keeping it at relatively high humidity, medium humidity or low humidity.

Running costs vary depending on the size, make and model of dehumidifier you opt for, but as a desiccant dehumidifier the EcoAir DD1 Simple MK3 does use a fair amount of electricity to operate. LED display – Giving you complete control over your unit, and allowing you to set the desired humidity level, timer functions, and see when the filter needs cleaning It was difficult to test one of the main features of this desiccant dehumidifier – the fact it can operate at lower ambient room temperatures than most compressor dehumidifiers – because outside temperatures were too mild during testing. However, the EcoAir DD1 Simple MK3 is capable of operating in temperatures as low as 1 degree Celsius, which could be a big selling point if you're trying to clear damp in an unheated home or basement during winter. Energy use


Able to extract 7.5L of moisture from the air per day, the Simple MK3 also benefits from a relatively generous 2L water tank meaning you're not constantly emptying it, auto-shut off when the tank is full, plus an anti-tilt sensor to shut the machine off should it topple. Electronic Control Panel with Active Humidistat, 1 to 24 Hours Off Timer, Auto Shut Off and Auto Defrost.

It does, however, include an automatic mode that switches off the machine when the ambient humidity and temperature are at acceptable levels. This is a great time saver and can also reduce your energy bills.

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The cardboard box is recyclable, but I was a little disappointed by the amount of polystyrene in the box. There is also plastic covering the plug and a plastic bag over the unit, none of which can be recycled unfortunately. After using this Dehumidifier for a couple of months we know we have found a winner! It is a good all rounder for the home and if you are looking for a Dehumidifier with a good capacity tank and some great features such as being able to dry clothes washing then this is the one for you. Offering the flexibility of two fan speeds, and therefore the ability to reduce energy and sound footprint when in low mode. Not seen very often in this class. You can manage your home humidity levels via an Intelligent LED control and be guided by a host of sensors and alarms. Perfect for application in the home. Another 'simple' thing about this dehumidifier is just how easy it is to look after. Giving it a wipe-over every week with a damp cloth will make sure there’s no dust build-up, and the filter can be cleaned with a brush or vacuum cleaner. Because it’s an anti-bacterial filter, it’s important not to wash it; otherwise, it will weaken the germicidal effect.

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