Gorgeous Monster (Marchetti Mafia)

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Gorgeous Monster (Marchetti Mafia)

Gorgeous Monster (Marchetti Mafia)

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Creature Commandos: Dr. Myrra Rhodes—a.k.a. Dr. Medusa—was a plastic surgeon who was transformed intto a snale-haired freak by a Freak Lab Accident. Apart from the snakes for hair, she reamined a very attractive woman. (And, no, her snakes could not turn people to stone.) These two alternatives can be seen as playing with Beauty Equals Goodness. In the first, the slightly hidden physical beauty is a sign of the internal goodness, in the latter, it represents the danger inherent in Evil Is Sexy. One sassy pyromaniac thief, four sexy-as-sin monsters, and a paranormal conspiracy of epic proportions. Ngl, I wasn’t sure what to except as this is the first dark romance story that I’ve read from this author. However, I was pleasantly surprised. As always, Ferrell’s writing was gripping from the start.

The secondary characters are all interesting and as the first book in the series , this author sets lots of things in motion for future novels really well. Benny gets his story next. I can't wait to read more. Gigi's tale will be intriguing and I so hope Gretchen gets a book too. enemies to lovers trope - this is one of those that should be on the “he doesn’t want her” Goodreads list The Heroes: Ruse, Snap and Thorn - The guys are all higher shadowkind. Ruse is an incubus who feeds off of sexual energy, he is very weak after Sorsha frees them from not feeding in a while. Snap has a forked tongue and can taste things and sense impressions of the history of that object and emotions attached to them, he can see the people in his mind that held those objects. Thorn is a warrior and is like a man from a past age, very formal and protective. The climax of Once Upon a Warrior sees Sorcerous Overlord Irendri attaining a powerful, Scaled Up form after a ritual, which changes her into a gorgon-like form with a shapely, humanoid body. Her face in particular has a mix of human and serpentine features.Grendel's mother gets the same treatment in the 1999 adaptation of Beowulf (which was only very loosely based on the original poem) where she is played by model Layla Roberts. Again, she can appear beautiful (in which case she resemble Roberts) but her true form is a large, red, spider-like monster.

She is forced to seek help from her best friend's father, who heads one of the biggest mafia families: Cristian Marchetti. In the second season of Bakemonogatari Nadeko becomes a medusa-themed snake goddess. She still looks very pretty aside from snakes for hair, but then a thematic point is that her innocent looks conceal something monstrous she keeps hidden.The Medusans from the Star Trek: The Original Series episode " Is There in Truth No Beauty?": you'll be driven insane just by looking at them. They're actually quite friendly, and it's not their fault they make you go crazy when you look at them. Warnings: Violence, organised crime, gun violence, blood, torture, death, murder, death of a parent, death of a spouse, intimate partner violence, controlling behaviour, suicide mention, kidnap. This is taken to its logical extreme by Medusas in 5th Edition. They are supernaturally beautiful because in that edition, a Medusa is the result of an extremely vain person making a Deal with the Devil for beauty. They get their wish, but eventually they become cursed for their arrogance and become a Medusa. They retain their looks, but it's now a cursed beauty as anyone who dares to look at their beauty gets the usual result. This includes the Medusa, too: they can't look away from their reflection if they see it, and it will turn them to stone. Her sister, Arachne, also fits the trope. She's beautiful and large-breasted with a spider web in her eye.

World of Warcraft's Naga Queen Lady Vashj seems to be widely regarded as fetish fuel. She is a six-armed mutant elf who not only has snake hair, but also has a snake tail instead of legs. A Song of Ice and Fire: In A Storm of Swords, woods witch The Ghost of High Heart describes seeing a vision of "a maid at a feast with purple serpents in her hair, venom dripping from their fangs." It later becomes clear that this was meant to represent Sansa Stark at King Joffrey's wedding feast, where she wore a hairnet encrusted with purple gemstones, one of which, unknowingly to her, contained a poison that was used to assassinate Joffrey.Final Fantasy IV's bestiary includes a mildly disturbing amount of monsters who are either entirely beautiful women or part beautiful women-part snake, or part spider, or part bat, or...you get the picture. Inverted in Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones where the class description of Gorgon calls it a "beautiful and cursed creature" when its more of a full on snake humanoid with snakes for hair and arms. In American Horror Story: Roanoke, this is Played With - the actress who plays Scáthach is played by Lady Gaga, and as such, is still attractive despite the attempts to make her appear disheveled and wild. This is averted in Return to Roanoke, where we are shown the real Scáthach, who appears much less like a woman and more like a thing.

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