House of Sky and Breath: The unmissable #1 Sunday Times bestseller, from the multi-million-selling author of A Court of Thorns and Roses (Crescent City)

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House of Sky and Breath: The unmissable #1 Sunday Times bestseller, from the multi-million-selling author of A Court of Thorns and Roses (Crescent City)

House of Sky and Breath: The unmissable #1 Sunday Times bestseller, from the multi-million-selling author of A Court of Thorns and Roses (Crescent City)

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ruhn and agent daybright had no chemistry... their relationship development shifted from professional to iN lOvE way too fast has anyone noticed how many male characters there are in relation to the number of female characters? I can’t wait to reread this. I’ve been in a trance for over a week (the time I’ve spent reading this book) and I don’t want to wake up.

and i love that she owns her sexuality but it’s kinda gross seeing all these male povs talk about how hot she is etc etc it just feels very male gaze-y and we don’t like objectification of women) Then there’s the added POVs. Tharion’s was so repetitive and most of his scenes could have EASILY been cut with zero consequence to anything, both in terms of his character and the plot. Ithan’s POV also could have been chopped in a lot of parts.

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also i might be done with sjm but some of y’all aren’t ready for that conversation bc she’s basically just doing fan service at this point Ruhn and his love story. That storyline between day and night was the most surprising and delightful thing out of this book. The way these two have a hold on me right now. That ending elevator scene was one of the best in the book!! I was here for it!!! this book peaked in the prologue imo, i was struggling through the middle ok it was a whole lot of nothing Our love is stronger than time, greater than any distance. Our love spans across stars and worlds. I will find you again, I promise.”

A ton of sideplots seemed to be introduced in this one too, but they felt disconnected from the main story and felt like Sarah was just throwing stuff in to throw stuff in. They took time away from sideplots that had been set up in the previous book and were not explored in nearly enough depth here. Bryce & Hunt will be “very satisfied” sexually. (She said in a previous livestream it will rival the smut amount/steam level in ACOSF!) Sarah J. Maas - thank you so much for making reading so much fun. Every time. Always. I don't know who I would be without Feyre, Ness, and Bryce. I don't want to know because I love who I am with all of their journeys pushing me forward.What I enjoyed about this book was that we saw more of certain characters like Tharion, Ruhn and Ithan and how their relationships with each other and other characters developed. The greater involvement of the Hind, Harpy, Pollux, Baxian and Mordoc was also a great addition to this book to build more tension and increase the unpredictability of the storyline. The ending of course was excellent and it created plenty of suspense and anticipation for what was going to happen next. The ending of this book does leave me excited still for the final book of the series: House of Flame & Shadow. So yeah. That is all. Go read this book. Talk about it with me in the comments. That ending left me with too many emotions. Goodbye. I am a big Sarah J. Maas fan but I didn’t like the first book in this Crescent City series, ‘House of Earth and Blood’, so I really didn’t hold out much hope for ‘House of Sky and Breath’ although I really wanted to love it. I put off reading this second instalment for a while partly because I didn’t love the first but also because this is the last Sarah J. Maas book that has been published that I hadn’t read yet and I wasn’t ready to run out of her material as I get frustrated when I catch up with a really great author. all of the things i said previously about the world building also apply to the plot. it doesn’t make sense and it’s trying to make us “surprised” every time something happens even though nothing is surprising at this point because so much random stuff is going on and apparently absolutely anything is possible. Sarah knows the title but can’t say it yet. The same cover artist who designed HoEaB will be doing CC2’s cover

For ‘Love and other words’ ⭐⭐⭐⭐ There is no shortage of passion between the main characters. What I loved about this part of the story was Bryce standing up for her right to choose her own ‘mate’ against her fathers wishes. Even better when she achieved this in such a clever way that blindsided everyone around her, including her father. Overall, this was great. I loved it. Not as much as I did the first book, I have to admit. But I loved it. And no, this wasn't really a review. I didn't even mention the plot of the novel, but if you've made it this far you probably already know what it's about. I just needed to gush about these characters for a bit since no one in real life will get excited and talk about these characters with me. i liked the whole urban fantasy aspect of the first book, how it felt like an actual city and there was an atmosphere to it, but in this book i didn’t get any of that at all because the characters were constantly running around doing random shit in ‘realms’ that shouldn’t even exist smh Writing Style ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Stunning writing and one I connect with although you need to pay attention given the number of subplots and wide ranging 'fantastical' names. However, for an immersive and absorbing read that captured me through the writing, then it can only be 5 stars. Firstly, Kudos to Sarah for writing such a masterpiece. I think it's going to be one of the best reads of 2022. I don't think I've read a bad review of it so far and rightly so. The book starts off at a good pace which she maintained throughout, especially compared to House of Earth and Blood. This was so much better than what I had expected. If I could have given more than 5 stars, I would.

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but...the smirking, hissing, giggling, and purring that amounts in this sequel? "GEEJUS CHRYSLER. NO. MORE. IM BEGGING, PURRING," SMIRKING AS IM TYPING THIS OUT...... i'm sorry but danika is the busiest girl in the world. after so many of her secrets being exposed in book 1, how does she have a whole nother closet full of them 💀 she's a rebel, she knew sophie, her dads evil, she had a mate, ENOUGH who has the freaking free time you’d think after more than 10 books she would improve her writing style but nope. in this books she used almost word for word sentences from acomaf 😭 please she’s plagiarizing her own series 💀💀 literally everyone in the group of cormac, tharion, ithan, ruhn, hunt (except for cormac and ruhn obviously because they’re cousins) The romance was…fine. Until it wasn’t. Until the stupid concept of “mates” reared its ugly head. I’m so over it and it’s just tiring. Really seems like SJM just HAS to make sure we as readers know the characters are meant to be together because of this ridiculous fate thing. You shouldn’t have to rely on this to show that a couple is meant to be together, FYI. It’s not interesting, it’s been done to death (across MULTIPLE SERIES!!)

im so disappointed Aidas didnt even make an appearance in this book. he was mentioned and impersonated, but no signs of the Prince of the Chasm. :( would it be foolish to hold out hope for him & Bryce? especially after what happened with Bryce & Hunt. I can't wait for the next book. There is SO MUCH potential for an even more epic third book. ��😭😭😭😭 Honestly, I waited for this book for so long and am slightly conflicted with how I feel about this story as a whole. I have never rated a SJM novel this low before. I was sometimes forcing myself to read it - like it was some university homework . But I also liked how she took this series to an entire new level- I can tell there was a lot of research done. Main Characters ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Hunt and Ruhn are adorable, and although I liked Bryce much better in book 2, The connection is still not great. I would like to see the female characters portrayed differently from ‘bad ass bitches’.i liked it better when bryce was a messy person who had everyone see her as a shallow party girl so that they wouldn’t see the hurt inside her from losing her best friend (lover) the whole reveal was pretty great too even though i already knew who day was (i read spoilers and read the ends of books first because i have no self control ha) It is a constant thrill to fans and one that, after a cursory look on Reddit turned into a deep dive on Maas-lore, has churned up hundreds of theories, ranging from the inexplicably brilliant to the not so brilliant. “I often think about these series for years before I end up writing them,” Maas explains: “[It means I have] the opportunity to think, ‘How in this moment can I plant this little detail?’” Her readers are undoubtedly looking for every single one. I would pull up the manuscript on my computer and just write for a couple of hours and the world slowly unfolded This has been years in the making, thinking about how the worlds connect and how you can move between them,” says Sarah J Maas as she talks to me over Zoom from rainy Los Angeles about House of Sky and Breath, the second instalment in the Crescent City trilogy, following House of Earth and Blood.

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