Kimberley Chambers 3-Book Butler Collection: The Trap, Payback, The Wronged

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Kimberley Chambers 3-Book Butler Collection: The Trap, Payback, The Wronged

Kimberley Chambers 3-Book Butler Collection: The Trap, Payback, The Wronged

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With her mother dead and father in prison, Frankie Mitchell goes to live with her fiancé Jed O’Hara. When her daughter is born, her fiancé’s mother becomes domineering and overbearing. Meanwhile, Frankie ignores the rumors that her beloved fiancé is cheating on her.

Never one to let me down, the author reeled me in with a #KillerHook and fast-paced story-line that I did not want to put it down for even one moment! Death surrounds the Mitchell’s, Butler’s and O’Hara’s like an unforgiving shroud. Never in my life did I think I would see the Mitchell’s, Butler’s and O’Hara’s together…I mean FFS…what a menacing threesome – there is just no mercy for this mix! If you are looking for a bit of evil in your reading world then this series is a must. I guarantee that Vinny Butler is one character you won’t soon forget. Romanas (mano supratimu) akivaizdžiai per ilgas. Nesutinku su knygos nugarėlėje pateikta nuomone, kad „jei mėgstate šiurkščius, nenušlifuotus detektyvus, šis romanas jums patiks“. Jei dar tik ruošiatės skaityti šią knygą ir tikitės detektyvinės istorijos, –detektyvo elementų šiame romane beveik nėra, bet knyga sukelia įdomų įspūdį: autorė sugeba suintriguoti skaitytoją, tiesa, kuo ilgiau skaitant, tuo labiau veiksmo įtikinamumas mažėja. Autorė labai nuvertina Anglijos policijos darbą: susidaro įspūdis, kad ši bejėgi ne tik tirdama smulkius nusikaltimus, bet ir nužudymus.

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Both families are a part of the seedy underbelly of the East End and Stratford. Jessica Smith and Eddie Mitchell become engaged, against the wishes of Jessica’s father. The two are swept away into a world of crime, murder, and deception. The Feud

Michael and Vinny were not just ‘faces’ around the East End they were the East End as far as the locals were concerned, it was their manor. Nothing happened there without them knowing, nobody crossed them without being brought up before them, they ruled with a rod of steel and pure fear. Queenie and her sister Viv were the matriarchs of the family, loved by the family and also equally feared. Dark secrets are spiralling out of control and have the power to destroy them all for good. Is this the final nail in the Butler family coffin? I loved getting to know and understand Queenie better. Having a fairly normal upbringing until the war happened which then turned her and her families lives upside down. More so for her and her mother. Queenie finds a friend and mother figure in their new neighbour Mary, Mrs O’Leary. I loved the bond between them both. I will just say that I am glad I started this over the weekend because I have done nothing but "sat on me arse" all day long to finish this. I know it says that the book can be read as a stand-alone but, honestly, I think you are doing yourself a disservice if you don't read the other books by this author, especially the Butler and Mitchell books (where we are first introduced to Queenie).Now Queenie….despite her twisted values and morals, you just got to love this woman! Some of the things she comes out with is unbelievable and absolutely class! Everything that is wrong about this character is just so right! As you would expect the dialogue between the characters is as usual spot on full of humour, sadness, and sometimes anger, it gives the reader a wonderful insight into the Butler’s life, like many families they are protective of their own (most of the time anyway!) they argue, fall out, make up and fall out again! But it’s this that makes them credible characters. Another thing that’s amazing about this authors writing is her attention to the small details, whatever era she is writing about she brings it to life with descriptions of the fashions and music trends, they transport you bang into the East End. The Butlers are crazy, I mean crazy and as I've said previously they really have no redeeming qualities but I love the way the author tells their story. This must be made into a tv series one day. Little Vinny is battling not to follow in his father’s footsteps. Sweet Sammi-Lou has just vowed ‘til death do us part, but it’s only a matter of time before the truth comes out about the murder he committed. I'm worried about going into the storyline to much as I fear I will end up giving to much away, but I want to scream and shout about this book, I want you to read it and enjoy it as much as I have, so I'm not saying any more about it other than, Go and treat yourself. Buy the bloody book.

Knyga gali nepatikti, jei vertinama pati jos herojė, o ne tai, kaip autorei pavyko pateikti jos gyvenimo istoriją. Tad nuo Kvinės (kaip merginos, moters, motinos) pasistengiau atsiriboti ir gilintis tik į tai, kokiomis meninėmis priemonėmis autorė praturtina veiksmą, kokias formas ir metodus naudoja kūrybos procese. Deja, negaliu skirti aukšto vertinimo... Autorės užmojis – didelis, bet rezultatas – tik šiaip sau (nežiūrint to, kad romano kompozicija, siužeto pateikimas – neblogi, įtraukimas į skaitymą (intriga) irgi, o aprašomos gyvenimo istorijos išskirtinumą, veikėjų charakteringumą taip pat galiu vertinti gerai, bet stilius, vaizdingumas, įtikinamumas, įtaigumas, veiksmo ir atskirų veikėjų poelgių psichologinis pagrindimas – nelabai aukšto lygio, monologai ir dialogai ne geresni kaip patenkinami). Ir – svarbiausia – teksto kokybė prasta. Kadangi skaičiau verstą tekstą, negaliu reikšti konkrečių priekaištų autorei, vertėjai ar redaktoriui, bet bendras įspūdis toks. So we join the Butler family in the 1980s and when I say there is a lot going on, I really mean it. All of the loved and loathed characters make their reappearances and they all seem to be at different stages of their life. Out of all the characters that surprised me in this series the major one has been Little Vinny. It seems Little Vinny has done his utmost to turn his life around following the arrival of his little boy. He is determined not to follow in his father’s footsteps, and even knowing what had gone on in the past I couldn't help rooting for him. Vinny is his usual bolshie and arrogant self and frankly I’m surprised he is still breathing after everything that has happened. After winning a competition the Bakers became Queenie's neighbors in The Wronged. I would like say a massive thank you to Kimberly for giving Chester my moggy a mention after he sadly passed away last year. Words cannot describe how over the moon I was to read that.

The Traitor Chambers

For a long time, Vinny Butler and Eddie Mitchell ruled their manors from a respectful distance. Now they’re doing business together and their family has just been united in a way they never expected. I am a huge Kimberley Chambers fan and I have been so excited to read Queenie ever since Kim first said she was writing a prequel to the Butler series. And what a prequel this is, the tag line of the Queen of Gangland Crime has never been truer. I don’t want to speak too soon and say this is Kim’s best book yet, but it’s certainly one of them.

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