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LEFT: A scrapbook Korey Rowe made of his time in the military and other significant personal and professional events in Oneonta. RIGHT: Korey stands at the start of an interstate ATV trail that runs past his house in Oneonta. Skyscraper Fires". Internet Detectives. Archived from the original on December 12, 2007 . Retrieved December 10, 2007. a b "Here's The Video To Share With Anybody Who Still Buys Into 9/11 Truther Stuff". Huffington Post. November 26, 2013 . Retrieved May 8, 2020. I've never seen the original Loose Change, but after hearing so much about it and having seen Zeitgeist, The Power Of Nightmares and Freedom To Fascism i figured it was about time i gave the big one a whirl.

My husband has denied me any agreement that there ARE unanswered questions regarding 9/11... after watching this film, I just asked him if he would watch it with an open mind because it's not like other conspiracy films (like I said, it's not a conspiracy film anyway), in that it simply asks for answers to questions that are still out there. He said he would watch it... Ultimately the hole in this argument is context. No context is given to the intelligence that was or was not ignored and no context is really given to the circumstances the administration and/or the FAA and FBI were operating under. The Loose Change crew went their separate ways after that. The Truther movement splintered as well. “[The Truther movement] got zanier and zanier,” Rowe says, “to the point people said there were no planes.” This fictional documentary/film tries to convince us that the evil, evil, evil George Bush Government planned 9/11, and made Extreme Moslims look guilty. They Even made them admit it. Kevin Smith Thoughts". YouTube. Archived from the original on December 21, 2021 . Retrieved September 4, 2018.

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LEFT: Korey spends time with his wife, Danielle, and daughters Paityn, 4 months, and Piper, 3, after dinner. RIGHT: Korey cradles Paityn before putting her to sleep. Loose Change: 1st Edition Remastered DVD included bonus interviews and a feature on the Pentagon strike.

NIST Metallurgy Division Publications - NISTIR 7248". metallurgy.nist.gov . Retrieved March 26, 2008. Stahl, Jeremy (September 6, 2011). "The Rise of "Truth" - How did 9/11 conspiracism enter the mainstream?". Slate . Retrieved April 4, 2012. The end of the film shows a clip from The American Scholar's Symposium that was aired on C-SPAN on June 25, 2006, at the Sheraton Hotel in Los Angeles. Jason Bermas, wearing the signature "Investigate 9/11" T-shirt that he designed, is describing their plans to peacefully demonstrate at Ground Zero on September 11, 2006. The credits music was reMo Conscious' "We Know". Loose Change has been subject to criticism from a variety of sources. In March 2007, the United States Department of State published an article called "Loose Change Debunked" that says the movie makes "sloppy mistakes". [54] The article is highly critical of the evidence cited to support the claim that Flight 77 did not hit the Pentagon, and it criticizes the controlled demolition hypothesis of the World Trade Center claiming that, "Demolition professionals say controlled demolition of the Towers that day would have been impossible." The article goes on to say: In particular, the video alleges that the fires inside the twin towers were not hot enough to bring the buildings down. An audio tape is presented in which the Captain of Ladder 7 claims that the fires can be brought under control by two lines and it is mentioned that building 7 had taken only minor damage before its own collapse. These allegations follow a listing of buildings that burned longer than the Twin Towers and did not fall. [26]

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Conspiracists might not invoke Loose Change much anymore, but it’s still considered standard viewing. “I still get DMs a couple times a week telling me, ‘ Loose Change changed my life,’” Bermas says.

What happened next with “Loose Change” was well documented. An 88-minute second edition of the series arrived in 2006 at precisely the right moment to capitalize on the way social media was rapidly changing how Americans connected with one another. Although widely debunked, the video exploded on Google Video, a predecessor to YouTube, and gained an almost cultlike following among anti-government skeptics, including several minor celebrities. The series became a central pillar of the fringe-yet-vocal 9/11 Truth movement that sprang up in fierce opposition to the George W. Bush administration. If our own U.S. government was not in any way involved; then why the deceptive and misleading answers. For all the projects Korey had undertaken over the years, starting a family was the one he believed had truly saved his life. Everything else now, he said, was in service of getting that right. Loose Change went viral because it was controversial. To say I wish I had made it differently and not speculated and only concentrated on the 9/11 Commission, it wouldn’t have been as interesting.”

That once again - people get an idea in their heads, fabricate the truth, and go full-force onto the internet where people gobble up everything they say and take it to heart. Flight 93 Still Exists". Internet Detectives. Archived from the original on December 12, 2007 . Retrieved December 10, 2007. Dylan had first set out to write a fictional film about a group of friends who uncovered a 9/11 government conspiracy. They even filmed poorly acted scenes while Korey was home on leave from the military. As the 9/11 Truth movement grew and evolved, Korey became more aware of the people with outlandish ideas who were gravitating toward their specific project, including some with hard-to-follow conspiracy theories about moon beams and lizard people. He began to feel a deep loathing for those particularly fringe types, he said, in part because he thought they were undermining what he and Dylan believed was a legitimate enterprise. There were so many of them, and in unexpected places — rich, poor, young, old, indulging their fantasies out of public view even while living otherwise mainstream lives. Prologue: focused on September 11, 2006, and the thousands of individuals who wore "Investigate 9/11" in New York.

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