Paw Patrol, Liberty’s Movie Toy Car with Collectible Action Figure, Kids’ Toys for Ages 3 and Up, Silver

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Paw Patrol, Liberty’s Movie Toy Car with Collectible Action Figure, Kids’ Toys for Ages 3 and Up, Silver

Paw Patrol, Liberty’s Movie Toy Car with Collectible Action Figure, Kids’ Toys for Ages 3 and Up, Silver

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Team up with the newest PAW Patrol pup, Liberty, for bigger, bolder rescues with her PAW Patrol: The Movie Vehicle. The villain is Victoria Vance who makes a machine to drag meteors from space to come down and crash on Earth where Adventure City is, along with her saying she is not a mad scientist, even though she acts crazy and over the top; the other villain is the return of Mayor Humdinger, but he does not do much other than break out of prison, help Victoria steal the crystals, and have one sequence around the end of the second act leading to the third act/third act climax. The animation is well done and nice to look at, with it being bright and colorful, along with the look and colors from the crystals, the Paw Patrol equipment, how they use their powers, and what the powers look like when they use them; also, the action sequences in the movie were fun and entertaining to watch, even in the third act climax. Load Liberty’s grappling hook projectile and press the button to launch for bigger, bolder rescues. This fun PAW Patrol toy brings the action of the movie to life. In PAW Patrol: The Movie, after becoming an official member, Liberty continues to protect her city with the PAW Patrol. However, in the series, she protects the city solo as the PAW Patrol still live in Adventure Bay. Liberty is a city girl through and through. She’s fast-talking, energetic, extremely loyal and an incredible friend. Liberty is a big fan of the PAW Patrol, and loves showing them around her city! PAW Description

The whole cast voicing the Paw Patrol pups and the owner Ryder all do a respectable job voicing these characters, along with side characters having well-known actors voicing them, even in exceedingly small roles that do not make a difference. Unlike the first movie where it focused on the police pup Chase, this movie focuses on the pup named Skye finding out how she was found by Ryder, and her proving to herself that she is not a weak small pup by taking this power crystal, gives herself superpowers, and uses them to save the day from the many threats to Adventure City involving meteors, Mayor Humdinger, and Victoria Vance. There is not much to say about the main characters other than that the way they save people from incidents/accidents is entertaining to watch, and them using their powers from the crystals is cool with the nice-looking animation. In PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie, while the PAW Patrol use their newly acquired super powers to save the day, Liberty, reluctantly at first, stays behind aboard the Aircraft Carrier HQ to watch over and mentor the Junior Patrollers. As she trains them to help them realize their full potential and turn them into lean, mean, fluffy little rescue machines, her admiration for them grows. In both the film and the series, she wears a coral uniform with blue and white highlights along with a helmet assembly with a blue visor (white visor in the series).In PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie, towards the end of the film, Liberty gains the power of super elasticity; able to stretch her body to great distances. She is also able to stretch into a landing pad and inhale large quantities of air as seen in " Mighty Pups Stop the Hiccups".

They're based in convenient locations including supermarkets, newsagents and train stations. Plus they're often open late and on Sundays. Fans of the show will love the on-model playsets and figures, perfectly replicating their favourite characters, moments, and locations such as the Paw Patrol Lookout Tower. You can also get Paw Patrol table and chairs to make space for playtime and decorate bedrooms and playrooms with their favourite show. Inspire Creativity With Paw Patrol Arts & Crafts Liberty is a tough, streetwise Dachshund pup from Adventure City. She loves being in the PAW Patrol and would do anything to help someone in need. Liberty has a big personality and she will always speak her mind, especially if something doesn’t seem right. As a mentor to the junior patrollers, she's a pup you can look up to... even with her short legs. Catch Liberty joining the PAW Patrol in both movies! Personality At the end of the film, she finally stops trying to copy the superpowers of her friends and discovers her superpower of elasticity, which she uses to save Chase from falling off a cliff and capture Victoria Vance. Get hands-on with our range of crafty Paw Patrol-themed activities. Support artistic skills and creative thinking across all age groups from Paw Patrol Aqua Playmat for 2 years up, to Paw Patrol Model Painting aimed at those with blossoming aspirations. Paw Patrol Games & Puzzles For The Whole FamilyLiberty will sometimes get too eager for wanting to help, which leads to her mistaking simple things as rescue missions such as her mistaking the pups' donation as a mess or thinking that all wild animals are Adventure Bay residents' animal buddies (as seen in "Liberty Makes a New Friend"). She has a sassy sense of humor, tends to be outspoken, and often snarks at other people.

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