Olixar Wireless Bluetooth Headset Dongle Compatible With Sony PlayStation 5 - Connect Wireless Headphones Or Earphones To Your PS5 (Instructions Included)

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Olixar Wireless Bluetooth Headset Dongle Compatible With Sony PlayStation 5 - Connect Wireless Headphones Or Earphones To Your PS5 (Instructions Included)

Olixar Wireless Bluetooth Headset Dongle Compatible With Sony PlayStation 5 - Connect Wireless Headphones Or Earphones To Your PS5 (Instructions Included)

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Faulty drivers that you need to reinstall. Open your “Device Manager” and uninstall the drivers related to the headset. Reboot your computer and reinstall the drivers when given the prompts. Setting up the headset is as simple as plugging the included dongle into one of the PS5’s USB ports and turning the headset on. The console will automatically connect to the headset and direct all audio there instead of the TV’s speakers. You can also plug the dongle into a PC's USB port if you want to use it there, but you won't get surround sound that way. When you select Settings, you can configure video quality settings for Remote Play such as resolution and frame rate.

These headphones also make use of PlayStation Link, which is a technology that works to streamline wireless audio. "This innovation delivers low latency, lossless audio and easy switching between multiple PlayStation Link hosts such as PS5 with the USB adapter and PlayStation Portal," the PS Blog says. While I’d never usually commit the cardinal sin of sliding every EQ band up to max, the PS5’s equalizer doesn’t really impact the headset’s sound signature as clearly as the Xbox Wireless Headset’s EQ does. But what it does do is significantly increase the volume of the headset whenever you raise each slider. And that’s proven to be a game changer. Compared to the Platinum Wireless Headset, we found the volume to be a little lower overall, although there’s still more than enough oomph to the speakers – you’ll just need to turn the volume up a notch higher than maybe you’d expect. Unfortunately, the built-in microphones, while serviceable, are of a pretty low quality, and while they’ll get the job done for traditional in-game chat, you’re not going to want to use them for anything other than that. Similar 3D Audio effects can be found in the majority of modern gaming headsets, but it shines far brighter in official hands. It’s not a feature everyone will use all the time, but it adds an extra layer of immersion that is undoubtedly worth having. The app searches for the PS5 console or PS4 console that you’ve signed in to using your account, and then connects to the console automatically. After the app connects, the screen of your console displays on your PC or Mac and you can start using Remote Play. If multiple consoles are found, select the console that you'd like to use.We've added a comparison to the Sony INZONE H3 in the Build Quality test. Both are budget-friendly headsets from Sony, but the Pulse have a significantly better build quality. Unfortunately, that 12 hours is around three hours less than comparable headphones from Astro, Razer, Turtle Beach and other headphone makers, but it shouldn't be a deal-breaker unless you're someone who can never remember to plug your headphones in at the end of the day. (Don't worry, we're guilty of it, too.)

The following test group has been updated following TB 1.6: Wireless Connection (Dongle). There have also been text changes made throughout the review, including to the usages and product comparisons to match these results. Since the Pulse 3D headset has a USB dongle, plenty of other devices besides the PlayStation 5 are compatible with it. It also supports spatial 3D audio for select PlayStation games, allowing the player to determine which direction sound is coming from within the game’s environment.We've converted this review to Test Bench 1.6 , which updates how we measure latency. We've updated and renamed the following test groups: Wired Connection, Bluetooth Connection, and Wireless Connection (Dongle). We've also added new codec latency measurements and provided an audio sample of recorded latency.

In terms of battery life, Sony claims that the Pulse 3D Wireless Headset should last about 12 hours on a single charge, and we found that claim to be pretty accurate, give or take an hour depending on how loud we listened to music and if we forgot to turn them off after we were done using them for the day. In terms of inputs and buttons, the right earcup is completely bare, with everything being stuffed on the opposing side. I imagine this is because of where much of the hardware is situated, but I will admit that things can feel somewhat overcrowded as a result. It’s easy to become confused when seeking out the mute button or volume control with just a blind touch, meaning I often found myself taking the headset off completely to adjust the settings. There are better, even more comfortable gaming headphones out there for sure, but none are as perfectly matched to the PS5 in design and tech as the Pulse 3D Wireless Headset. You are also unlikely to find any PlayStation-compatible peers as good at this price. Regarding weight, the Pulse 3D weighs in at 295 grams, which is about average for a pair of over-ear headphones. The cans themselves house medium-sized 40mm drivers and the clamping force of the headphones – i.e. how much pressure the cups put on your head - is just enough to keep them on without them falling off. As for the audio itself, I found it to be sufficiently punchy, if a little unclean in busy scenarios when compared to more expensive peripherals. That being said, it is astounding for the price. It produces a loud and thoroughly enjoyable sound profile that really shines regardless of the genre you’re diving into. Microphone

Even without Tempest, the Pulse 3D sounds great on PS4 and PC. Replaying the opening of God of War (2018), the sound of Kratos lumbering through the woods came through clean and clear. Though I have to admit, jumping to it directly from a Tempest-augmented game made it much easier to detect that the audio was coming from a limited number of directions. This feeling is further reinforced by ear cups which hug against your head with only the smallest amount of pressure. As someone who wears glasses while gaming, it did prove somewhat irritable after 5+ hours with a game, but that’s likely my fault for not taking some form of break while bingeing Final Fantasy XIV. Compared to other devices I’ve tested, the Pulse 3D feels both lightweight and durable in the best possible way. We've retested 'App Support' and 'PlayStation Compatibility' due to a firmware update on the PS5 that offers sound customization features. Select your Pulse 3D headset. You can test whether you are getting sound from the headset by playing some music and adjusting the mast volume below the Output settings.

Over a few weeks, we talked to friends on PS5 with the headset and family on Google Meet through our laptop. Both said we sounded fine, though not crystal-clear, and that it was comparable to speakerphone. An added bonus of the Pulse 3D Headset is that it has built-in mic monitoring, letting you hear yourself when you're talking. It's a nice feature for first-person shooters where the action can sometimes override chat audio, so you can be sure you're coming through loud and clear. The one place where the Pulse 3D feels a little underpowered is… well, power. According to Sony, the headset should last up to 12 hours on a single charge. Anecdotally, I found it lasted between nine and 10 hours of play across two days. That’s enough juice that the headset should last through any single session, so long as you keep it charged, but substantially less than what I’ve come to expect from modern headsets for PlayStation or PC. Purchasing Guide The Pulse 3D looks good, but it sounds absolutely fantastic when playing on PS5. The sound of gameplay is not only clear and vibrant, it fills up the cans to create an incredible sense of space. Across its range, the Pulse rings true, with full-bodied highs, mids, and lows. I was particularly impressed with its bass tones – like explosions in Spider-Man: Miles Morales, which deliver that “booming “oomph” effect – without over-prioritizing bass in its audio mix.

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Your headset’s microphone should automatically start working when you connect your headset from now on, but you may find some issues if you switch between devices for your headset frequently. What To Do When Your Headset Isn’t Connecting One of the headline features of Sony’s new console is the implementation of 3D Audio. In concept, it aims to make your gaming experience more immersive by honing in on the directional qualities of different sounds to make it feel like you are truly part of the environment you’re exploring. It works wonderfully in most cases, although the overall audio quality does suffer somewhat for the novelty.

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