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Shhh! Quiet! PB: 1

Shhh! Quiet! PB: 1

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Quiet as a whisper in a snowstorm” – very quiet, like a whisper that is barely audible over the sound of a snowstorm. Quiet as a church” – very quiet, like a church where people are expected to be respectful and hushed I understand this to mean that Ainsley is not stuttering but shushing "him" through a prolonged sh. Quiet as a feather” – very quiet, like a feather that is so light and delicate that it makes no noise when it falls We hope you have enjoyed this exploration of similes for quiet! These figurative phrases are a fun and creative way to describe silence or peacefulness, and can add depth and color to our language.

Tell people to keep quiet or to keep things a secret, share the Shushing Face emoji to let him or her know you mean business! This emoji shows a face placing an index finger over a small closed or slightly open mouth. It is used to describe silence, quiet, secrecy and discreteness, or to create a sense of buzz and anticipation for a secret or surprise. Now what is interesting are the examples the OED gives. The first is from P. G. Wodehouse and uses the vers sh as we would expect:Quiet as a whisper on the wind” – very quiet, like a whisper that is carried away on the wind and cannot be heard When restricting ourselves to the English phoneme repertoire, this leaves us with fff, hhh, sss, shh and thh (IPA: f, h, s, ʃ, θ). Of these, hhh is confusable with abnormal breathing and (in my personal opinion) fff, sss and thh stand out more against ambient sound than shh, which is acustically similar to white noise.

Quiet as a whisper in the rain” – very quiet, like a whisper that is barely audible over the sound of rain When to use ssh, or shhh? On average, the shhh meaning grows stronger when you add more h’s to the end of it. The additional h’s create a longer sound and generate a bigger impact than the usual “ssh.’ Share the Shushing emoji when you need to hush an angry person, or when someone is about to spread a terrible secret. If you don’t want to hear anymore from a certain person, share the Shushing emoji to tell them in a more civilized way to shut up! Quiet as a sleeping kitten” – very quiet, like a kitten that is peacefully asleep and making no noise Searches were performed from Germany on Google.de and will return different results for other user profiles. Quiet as a peaceful lake” – very quiet, like a lake that is calm and still, with no ripples or wavesShe uttered a ‘Sh!’ of such significance that Grayce instinctively lowered her voice. ‘Mrs. Molloy!’ ‘Sh!’ Grayce might have retorted that she had sh-ed and that if she sh-ed any further she could become inaudible. Quiet as a whisper in the woods” – very quiet, like a whisper that is barely audible in the peaceful, secluded setting of the woods Quiet as a hush” – very quiet, like a hush that falls over a group of people when they are trying to be quiet Whether you are a writer looking for inspiration, or simply want to expand your vocabulary and understand these phrases better, we hope you have found this post useful. Although its official name is Shushing Face emoji, it’s got many names. It is often referred to as the hush emoji, quiet emoji, Ssh emoji, or Shhh emoji. All this because it is used to express a desire for quiet.

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