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Rupert Annual 2022

Rupert Annual 2022

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Stories: Bestall’s first annual introduced readers to new stories, such as “Rupert and the Mare’s Nest,”“Rupert and the Two Moons,” and “Rupert and the Goblins.”

The comic strip is published daily in the Daily Express, with many of these stories later being printed in books, and every year since 1936 a Rupert annual has also been released. Rupert Bear is a part of children's culture in the United Kingdom, and appears in several television series based on the character. Stories: Bestall’s final years as the primary illustrator for the annuals saw stories such as “Rupert and the Hazelnut Pie,”“Rupert and the Whirlwind,” and “Rupert and the Sky Ship.” Larkin, Colin, ed. (1997). The Virgin Encyclopedia of Sixties Music (Firsted.). Virgin Books. p.276. ISBN 0-7535-0149-X.Every year since 1936, a Rupert Bear annual has been released, even during the years of World War II, during a paper shortage. Brainwaves Limited of Basingstoke, Hampshire, produced a series of Rupert storybooks in 1991 (no author or artist credited):

Some of the titles were later published for the Woolworth's retail chain, with only 18 of the original titles. However, the titles and numbers for this series did not relate to the earlier published series. [9] Stories: Harrold continued to bring Rupert’s adventures to life, with memorable stories such as “Rupert and the Crystal Ball,”“Rupert and the Snow Globe,” and “Rupert and the Dragon Dance.” During his time as Rupert writer, Alfred Bestall added further characters such as the girl guides Beryl, Pauline and Janet, with Beryl's cat, Dinky. These characters were based on Girl Guides from Bestall's own church who asked him in late 1947 if they could have their own adventure with Rupert. They remain part of the comic series even today. BFI | Film & TV Database | RUPERT". Ftvdb.bfi.org.uk. Archived from the original on 18 October 2012 . Retrieved 4 May 2013. The New Adventures of Rupert, 1936 2. More Adventures of Rupert, 1937 3. The New Rupert Book, 1938 4. The Adventures of Rupert, 1939 5. Rupert's Adventure Book, 1940 6. The Rupert Book, 1941 7. More Adventures of Rupert, 1942 8. More Rupert Adventures, 1943 9. Rupert in More Adventures, 1944 10. A New Rupert Book, 1945 11. The New Rupert Book, 1946 12. More Adventures of Rupert, 1947 13. The Rupert Book, 1948 14. Rupert, 1949 15. Adventures of Rupert, 1950 16. The New Rupert Book, 1951 17. More Rupert Adventures, 1952 18. More Adventures of Rupert, 1953 19. The New Rupert, 1954 20. Rupert, 1955 21. The Rupert Book, 1956 22. Rupert, 1957 23. Rupert, 1958 24. Rupert, 1959 25. Rupert, 1960* 26. Rupert, 1961* 27. Rupert, 1962* 28. Rupert, 1963* 29. Rupert, 1964* 30. Rupert, 1965* 31. Rupert, 1966* 32. Rupert, 1967* 33. Rupert, 1968* 34. Rupert, 1969 35. Rupert, 1970 36. Rupert, 1971 37. Rupert, 1972 38. Rupert, 1973 39. Rupert, 1974 40. Rupert, 1975 41. Rupert, 1976 42. Rupert, 1977 43. Rupert, 1978 44. Rupert, 1979 45. Rupert, 1980 46. Rupert, 1981 47. Rupert, 1982 48. Rupert, 1983 49. Rupert, 1984 50. Rupert: The 50th Daily Express Annual, 1985 51. Rupert, 1986 52. Rupert, 1987 53. Rupert, 1988 54. Rupert, 1989 55. Rupert, 1990 56. Rupert, 1991 57. Rupert, 1992 58. Rupert, 1993 59. Rupert, 1994 60. The Rupert Annual: 75th Anniversary Edition, 1995 61. The Rupert Annual, 1996 62. The Rupert Annual, 1997 63. The Rupert Annual, 1998 64. The Rupert Annual, 1999 65. The Rupert Annual, 2000 66. The Rupert Annual, 2001 67. The Rupert Annual, 2002 68. The Rupert Annual, 2003 69. The Rupert Annual, 2004 70. The Rupert Annual, 2005 71. The Rupert Annual, 2006 72. The Rupert Annual, 2007 73. The Rupert Annual, 2008 74. The Rupert Annual, 2009 75. The 75th Rupert Annual, 2010 76. The Rupert Annual, 2011 77. The Rupert Annual, 2012 78. The Rupert Annual, 2013 79. The Rupert Annual, 2014 80. The 80th Rupert Annual, 2015 81. The Rupert Annual, 2016 82. The Rupert Annual, 2017 83. The Rupert Annual, 2018 84. The Rupert Annual, 2019 85. The Rupert Annual, 2020 86. The Rupert Annual, 2021 87. The Rupert Annual, 2022 88. The Rupert Annual, 2023 89. The Rupert Annual, 2024Tourtel's home was in Canterbury in Kent, and the Rupert Bear Museum, formerly part of the Canterbury Heritage Museum, which has since closed, had collections that covered much of the history of Rupert and his friends, as well as Tourtel and other illustrators. The museum was geared toward families and those interested in the general history of Rupert. Stories: This annual saw the return of popular stories such as “Rupert and the Wonderful Boots,”“Rupert and the Flower Fairies,” and “Rupert and the Crystal Ball.” Stories: Recent annuals have continued to showcase Trotter’s captivating illustrations and storytelling, with stories such as “Rupert and the Moon Dimbleby, Jonathan (9 June 2021). " "Is there anything you consider indecent"? Felix Dennis at the OZ trial from the NS archive". New Statesman. Rupert Little Bear Library". Rupertannuals.com. Archived from the original on 13 March 2012 . Retrieved 11 June 2016. {{ cite web}}: CS1 maint: unfit URL ( link)

In 1991, Rupert Bear featured in an animated television series with 65 episodes and five seasons (13 per season) produced by Nelvana (Canada), Ellipse (France) and Television South (TVS) for the first season (13 episodes), with Scottish TV taking over control from season 2 when Television South lost its ITV franchise. The show followed the style and tone Bestall established in the Rupert newspaper series, with many of the stories being almost direct adaptations of his or others' panel stories from the Daily Express. The stories famously comprise three main elements: the artwork, the prose and the rhyming couplet. For many a child, the joy of Christmas was made complete by the gift of the new Rupert Annual. Most of the included stories are reprinted from the Daily Express newspaper strips which were in full colour from 1940. Some stories were especially written and illustrated for the annual and these are noted. The Rupert Annual for 1960 contained a story called Rupert and the Diamond Leaf, in which he visits "Coon Island", whose inhabitants are little " Coons". [6] The Coons previously appeared on the cover of The New Rupert: The Daily Express Annual, 1954 and in the interior story Rupert and the Castaway. [7] The first appearance was in the 1946 soft cover summer special Rupert on Coon Island. Rupert Bear is a British children's comic strip character and franchise created by artist Mary Tourtel and first appearing in the Daily Express newspaper on 8November 1920. Rupert's initial purpose was to win sales from the rival Daily Mail and Daily Mirror. In 1935, the stories were taken over by Alfred Bestall, who was previously an illustrator for Punch and other glossy magazines. Bestall proved to be successful in the field of children's literature and worked on Rupert stories and artwork into his nineties. More recently, various other artists and writers have continued the series. About 50 million copies have been sold worldwide. [1]

List of Rupert the Bear Annuals 1936-2019

Rupert's unspectacular introduction was in a single panel, the first of 36 episodes of the story "Little Lost Bear" written and drawn by Tourtel. Stories: The 1939 annual included stories such as “Rupert and the Old Umbrella,”“Rupert and the Sea Serpent,” and “Rupert and the Goblin’s Cave.” There are also a few human characters in the stories, such as the Professor (who lives in a castle with his servant, Bodkin), Tiger Lily (a Chinese girl), her father "the Conjuror," and several less frequently occurring characters such as Sailor Sam, Gaffer Jarge, Captain Binnacle, the Sage of Um (who is seen travelling in a magical upside down umbrella) and Rollo, the Gypsy boy. There is also a recurring Merboy. Stories: Harrold continued the tradition of enchanting tales, with stories like “Rupert and the Magic Torch,”“Rupert and the Secret Shell,” and “Rupert and the Enchanted Pool.”

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