Super Wings - Paul Super Robot Suit Large Transforming Vehicle (For Use With 5” Figures) + Figure

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Super Wings - Paul Super Robot Suit Large Transforming Vehicle (For Use With 5” Figures) + Figure

Super Wings - Paul Super Robot Suit Large Transforming Vehicle (For Use With 5” Figures) + Figure

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Words of this episode: नमस्ते (Napaykullayki; Hello) in Quechua and Muy Hermoso (Very Beautiful) in Spanish

Tony ( Korean: 토니, Toni; Chinese: 咚咚, Dōng dōng) is a blue Train Super Wings with orange stripes. He's the first member of the Super Wings to be a train. He can also transform. He was written off in Season 7.

Yuki is a member of the Paper Rangers, along with his friends Masako and Haru. There was one more member named Namiko, but her family was moving away. The three-member team builds a paper robot called the Jumbo Roboto: a parting gift for Namiko. Once they get to her old house and ring the doorbell, the family has already moved out. How are they going to give Namiko the present? Billy Willy ( Korean: 빌리윌리, Billi Willi; Chinese: 比利威利, Bǐ lì wēi lì) is the first villain who is a human and the main antagonist of the upcoming Movie: Maximum Speed, described as a "Toy King", he want to take revenge of influencers, and he will be crossing the path of Jett and the other Super Wings. Jett and Shun Yip think there's a monster destroying the city. Can they find out if it's a real monster or an actor in disguise?

Jerome ( Korean: 재롬; Chinese: 酷飞, Kùfēi; voiced by Jeon Tae-yeol in the Korean version and Evan Smolin in the English version) is a male blue fighter jet based on a McDonnell/Douglas F-18 from the Blue Angels aerobatic team. He believes that some problems Jett faces can be solved with a dance routine, and thinks he can do other Super Wings' missions better than they can. He was written off as a main character in Season 3, becoming the leader of Team Jerome which is formed by himself and his two siblings, Arome and Jerry (two other fighter jets, who did not transform) as a competition stunt team. Despite him being removed from the main cast, the theme song erroneously still features Jerome's name in the lyrics, while Paul has now been seen in the slot since Season 4. He was absent in Season 5 and Season 6, but returned in Season 7. In Season 7, Jerome is followed by his new Super Pet, Mini Jerome/Jerome Pet. He was written off in Season 8. February 27, 2017). "EBS, '출동! 슈퍼윙스2' 등 신규 애니메이션 줄편성". . Retrieved March 16, 2017. Roy: a luggage tug that is always in a hurry and busy delivering suitcases and bags to the passengers around the airport. He would like very much to fly and dreams to become an actual train when he will grow up. In the episode " Santorini Choo Choo" he leaves the airport for the first time. Nikos uses a muscle suit to fight against hydra, but the muscle suit goes outta control. How will the super wings stop it?Note: Although they are absent this season, Jerome and Grand Albert make a small appearance at the start of the episode. Willie ( Korean: 해리, Harry (Haeli); Chinese: 威利, Wēi lì; voiced by Jalen K. Cassell in the English version) is a male green intermodal submarine capable of traveling on land. He is part of the Wild Team and the Super Wings Big Team. He was absent in Season 5, but returned in Season 6 and was written off in Season 7. Mira ( Korean: 미나, Mina; Chinese: 小青, Xiǎoqīng; voiced by Mi-ra Jeong in the Korean version and Elana Caceres in the English version) is a female green jet plane. She is the only member of the Super Wings team that loves water and can breathe underwater without diving equipment (up until Chase's introduction and Jett's upgrades in Season 3). In Season 3, she is the leader of the Wild Team. She was written off in Season 5.

Jett delivers recycling boxes to Zikri, a young boy who worries that the dirty beaches of Mantanani Island will stop his friend Duggy the manatee from visiting. Jett, Zikri and his Grandpa clear the sand but then discover an even bigger problem, an island of rubbish floating in the sea. Words of this episode: こんにちは or 今日は (" Konichiwa"; Hello) and さようなら ("Sayonara"; Goodbye) in Japanese Note: Jett becomes a Legendary Super Wings at the start of this episode, entering the Hall of Fame after his 300th mission Bello: a zebra striped safari airplane. He knows everything about animals, included their behaviour and even their languages. He likes to play with the other Super Wings. Jimbo chooses him when there is need to solve animal-related problems, for example retrieve an object stolen by an animal. Note: Like in the Season 1 episode "Boonying Bath" and Season 3 episode "Send in the Drones", Another plane replaces Jett for its delivery, in this case in this one, it's Golden Boy.Sam wants to take instant pictures of some birds-of-paradise for his younger sister, Angie. They see one, but it was too far away for a good picture. Jett tried to catch it, but it was too fast for him. How is Sam going to get the pictures he needs to show Angie? Anders is participating in a dog sled race. He asks Jett to join his team and Jett agrees. Also, Jett learns mushing words, like "Hike!" (get moving). However, after taking a small lead, the dogs gets distracted by an arctic fox. Therefore, Jett and Anders went off course and do not know where they are. On top of that, Jett's heavy jump on the ice created an ice floe, where they cannot escape and are going out to sea. How will the both of them finish the race now? Astra ( Korean: 샛별, Saetbyeol; Chinese: 米莉, Millie (Mǐ lì); voiced by Soyoung Lee in the Korean version and Hayley Negrin in Season 2 and Grace Lu Season 3 to 5 and Courtney Chu in Season 6 and Julia Raza in Season 7 in the English version) is a female white space plane. She is an expert on missions that involve outer space. Astra has a twin brother, Astro, who appeared in Season 3-Season 5. The leader of Galaxy Wings, she is the only Season 2 character to appear in the following seasons. Astra is followed by her new Super Pet in Season 5, Mini Astra/Astra Pet. She was written off in Season 8.

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