Thanquol and Boneripper (Warhammer Chronicles)

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Thanquol and Boneripper (Warhammer Chronicles)

Thanquol and Boneripper (Warhammer Chronicles)

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Skjalandir the Ancient, a mutated dragon from Dragonslayer. A local warlord fears him even though he literally has his army surrounding him. The Second Omnibus Novels Dragonslayer: On the return flight from Karag Dum, the party spies a great host of Chaos soldiers marching south. But as they try to warn the people of Kislev of the approaching horde, a storm sends them off course and into the range of the dreaded dragon Skjalandir. With the Slayers swearing a grudge against the dragon for the losses suffered in the resultant battle, they set out to slay the dragon and avenge their fallen. With Gotrek and Felix prisoners aboard his submersible, Thanquol planned to torture them to death in recompense for all they had done to him, but became distracted after a High Elf prisoner mentioned that they were trying to recover a Dark Elf weapon known as the 'Harp of Ruin'. Hungering to claim the Harp for himself and regain his prestige, Thanquol decided to release the duo into the path of the Druchii, hoping that they would cause enough destruction that Thanquol's forces could seize the Harp in the chaos. Thanquol's agents did succeed in stealing the Harp, but it was destroyed by Gotrek soon after and the Slayer came incredibly close to killing Thanquol himself; though the Grey Seer survived and fled once again, he lost his right hand to Gotrek's axe.

Novels Ghoulslayer: Gotrek and Maelneth cross through the bleak, haunted underworld of Shyish to seek out Nagash, the Lord of Undeath, but are caught up in the invasion of the kingdom by the Flesh-Eater Court of King Galan. As they fight to protect themselves, Gotrek will find much more than he expected.


It also includes narrative scenarios and battles with many special rules whilst the Appendix contains the historical characters, units and formations that took part in them. [1] Thanquol and Boneripper Novels Grey Seer: Thanquol is sent to Altdorf to retrieve the Wormstone, a long-lost Skaven relic. But before he arrives, the stone is found and taken by a group of small-time smugglers, resulting in a five way conflict over it between Thanquol, the smugglers, the local Skaven community, a local crime boss, and the followers of a wizard working to protect the Empire from the shadows. Though a powerful sorcerer with great and malicious ambitions, Thanquol tends to leave his plans in the paws of less capable underlings and consistently underestimates his foes, flaws which hamper his desire to rise through the ranks of skaven society. The invasion of Nuln in 2499 IC [2a] which he oversaw ultimately ended in failure due to a number of factors, including the mutation of a Clan Pestilens plague causing it to affect skaven as well as humans, the unstoppable spread of rats specifically bred to devour all available foodstuffs, and the interference of Gotrek and Felix. Despite managing to penetrate Nuln's palace with a company of stormvermin, Thanquol was prevented from murdering Countess Emmanuelle von Liebwitz and fled in his defeat, justifying his cowardice as prudent skaven caution. Goffs | Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka | Warboss Grimskull | Gorgutz Ead Hunter | Kaptin Bluddflagg | Nazdreg Ug Urdgrub

Marriage of Moment: While drunk, Gotrek decides to arrange a marriage contract for Felix as a joke, entangling Felix in his new bride's family politics.Felix and Gotrek start as relatively typical heroes of the setting. By the end of the third book, they've done things that should by all accounts never happen by the rules.

The Cavalry: In Daemonslayer, at the end of the first Skaven assault on the dwarf outpost, the defenders are badly drained and outnumbered after and fight they were unprepared for and are about to be rushed by the regrouped Skaven army, and their lot looks extremely dire — until a flight of gyrocopters arrives, starts bombing the Skaven and sends their army into a rout. Clan Carrion - Clan Ektrik - Clan Eshin - Clan Feesik - Clan Ferrik - Clan Flem - Clan Gangrous - Clan Griblobe - Clan Gritak - Clan Gritus - Clan Grutnik - Clan Klaw - Clan Krizzor - Clan Mange - Clan Mawrl - Clan Merkit - Clan Morbus - Clan Mors - Clan Morbidus - Clan Mordkin - Clan Moulder - Clan Pestilens - Clan Rabidscar - Clan Rictus - Clan Rikek - Clan Scruten - Clan Septik - Clan Skaar - Clan Skab - Clan Skaul - Clan Skrapp - Clan Skryre - Clan Skurvy - Clan Skuttel - Clan Sleekit - Clan Treecherik - Clan Volkn - Clan Vrrtkin As a massive Rat Ogre, the original Boneripper was a completely (more or less) organic being. He was a three-armed monster, one arm bearing a sword, the other a firearm, and the final limb ending in a set of fearsome claws. The head of the beast was skeletal with fearsome red eyes, feeding into a shaggy mane of fur. [2b] The Two Crowns of Ras Karim: While passing through the city of Ras Karim while hunting for a beast known as the Lurking Horror, Gotrek and Felix inadvertently end up getting entangled in a coup against the corrupt caliph.After Kritislik's death, Thaumkrittle would assume his place, although not on the Council of Thirteen. Instead, the Skaven of Clan Pestilens and its allied clans among the Pestilent Brotherhood kept their white-furred, horned ratmen whelps and raised them on the teachings of the Pestilent Brotherhood in open defiance of the Grey Seers. Many Plague Priests and Festering Chantors sported horns, though only some of these were natural growths. Others were simply affectations to display their own "chosen" status in the eyes of their god, as in the case of Vrask Bilebroth. [8b] Warfare [ ] Last of Their Kind: In Daemonslayer, Gotrek and Felix discover that there are still dwarfs living in hidden holds deep beneath the lost city of Karag Dum. It's explained that the surviving dwarfs of Karag Dum were split into five factions, each living in their own hidden holds. By the time the main characters arrive, only one remains whilst the other four were long lost to the besieging forces of chaos. Now Felix travels the world with his Dwarfish companion, finding the truth about just now nasty the world really is, fighting Evil and Chaos at every turn, and wondering how the hell he's going to survive anything that would be tough enough to kill Gotrek long enough to write about it? Verminlords of all 4 types. Acting as generic lords to Thanquol since we already have Grey Seers as a lord option.

Rasknitt - Rasknitt is the mastermind behind the construction of the Skittergate. He owned a Stormfiend called Deathrattler and was assigned to Clan Fester. Genius Cripple: Teclis, as per his main lore, is extremely magically potent but barely able to walk without his potions. Ghoulslayer is set some time after Blood of the Old World, but they were worked on seperately and released the same day. This creates multiple small inconsistencies, mostly connected to his character growth and coming to terms with his new situation. Spanner in the Works Gotrek and Felix, possibly by divine mandate. These guys just putter around looking for something that will finally give Gotrek his mighty doom and somehow they stumble across the plots of the forces of chaos and foil them, sometimes by accident. Just ask the Grey Seer Thanquol, the Vampire, the... ok, just ask Thanquol since he is the only one of Gotrek's enemies still alive. Boneripper 5 - The fifth Boneripper was slain by Clan Eshin's Deathmaster Snikch in the novel Temple of the Serpent.

Nouveau Riche: The Jaeger clan. Felix's father, Gustav is an extremely successful and wealthy (if somewhat underhanded) merchant, and has spent decades and countless fortunes trying to buy his way into the nobility. His Screw the Rules, I Have Money! behavior is part of what led Felix to becoming a small-time Soapbox Sadie at Altdorf University. Unfortunately, it rubbed off rather strongly on Felix's older brother, Otto. No Man of Woman Born: In Trollslayer, the female Chaos warrior Justine is prophesied by her daemonic master that no warrior can kill her. Just when she is about to kill Felix with her bare hands, her own daughter (whom she abandoned and came to kill to remove whatever weakness she had left) takes her sword and impales Justine from behind. Before she dies, Justine is amused by the irony that it wasn't a warrior who killed her but her young daughter.

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