Staying Selfless: 2 (The Selfish Series)

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Staying Selfless: 2 (The Selfish Series)

Staying Selfless: 2 (The Selfish Series)

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But I was very pleasantly surprised by Caught Up. Unlike the previous books, there were hardly any major cringe moments (let's not talk about the hotel pool 👀) and the emotional scenes were actually impactful. Instead of the insufferable opening rant we got in Mile High, we get drawn in right away with a lil meet-cute sassy banter moment. Was it all a little insta-lusty? Definitely. But I was enjoying myself so much that I didn’t even care. When she's not traveling or writing, Liz can be found reading a good book or taking her Golden Retriever, Luke, on a hike in her hometown in Sonoma County, CA. Liz Tomforde writes sports romance novels that depict realistic and healthy relationships. Her books offer a mix of witty banter and real-life struggles. Her heroes are alpha yet vulnerable, and her heroines are strong. You don’t have a kid. You have a baby.” Indy’s tone switches to soft and sweet, her smile beaming as she looks through Kai’s phone. “Yeah,” he sighs. “And he’s looking for a mom.” Tbh I had really low expectations for this book. Mile High and The Right Move had fun characters and some cute moments but I wasn’t super impressed with the overall writing quality. Also, I really went into this thinking who tf is Kai and why should I care about this man?????

There is a third act breakup, but it's not unnecessary. I say that because we know it's coming. The premise around it was known throughout between both Kai and Miller. The last 20% of this hit so hard, but I loved it so much. I felt the emotions and heartbreak that they were both going through so deeply, making me a crying mess on multiple occasions. On a final note, I wish that we were getting Rio's book next, but we're getting Isaiah and Kennedy's, and I'm not sure how I feel about that yet. Except I’ve finally met my best friend’s brother. He’s tall, athletic, and the most gorgeous man I’ve ever laid eyes on. He’s hot and charming as hell. His reputation, though? A glaring red flag, telling me to stay away.I’m totally and utterly obsessed with Eli and Logan’s love story. This is a love story for the ages. Kai : I’m a single dad and starting pitcher for Chicago’s MLB team. I’m stretched too thin, but I don’t want help raising my son. The grief was almost blinding, but I saw Eli’s broken heart with perfect clarity the day I drove away from him. Our arrangement isn’t one-sided, though. I’m in a wedding coming up, one where every one of my childhood friends, including my ex-boyfriend, will be in attendance, and there’s no better date than my ex’s celebrity hero. But then somewhere when Miller and Kai started to have sex the book loses its spark for me and it got boring 🤡 i still enjoyed the the little mundane moments Miller or Kai had with Max, but the romance was just mehhhh so the book started to fall from a 4 stars to a 3 stars book. Until the last couple of chapters.

Caught Up was the perfect book for me. It had so many things I love in it. Single parent and nanny, the cutest kid ever, sports romance, baking (one of my favorite hobbies after reading), and all the emotions I love and crave in romance. Liz Tomforde has not just one (The Right Move is my #1 favorite book of 2023) but two books in my top favorites of 2023 because this one will be high up on the list! This playlist is the bomb I love it so much!! Legit flew through me and I am not apologizing thank you very much!! Indy : I never imagined I’d be living with my best friend’s brother, NBA superstar Ryan Shay. Even more unbelievable? He needs me to act as his loving girlfriend who’s suddenly changed him into a friendly and approachable guy. And don’t even get me started on the characters 🥺 I know some people don’t like kids in books and sometimes that’s very justified but you’re just wrong in this case. Max was EVERYTHING. And the soft looks between Miller and Kai whenever they were watching each other take care of him had me on my knees 🧎‍♀️i hope she actually listened to people’s criticisms this time about writing stories that aren’t hers to tell

Nunca puse reseña? Comenzaré diciendo que odio el insta-love -creo que todos- y hay algo parecido aquí PERO sorprendentemente funciona, no es como si se declararan sus sentimientos desde el inicio ni nada, de hecho lo hacen hasta casi el final y creo que es por eso que funciona, cuando se conocen todo es un poco al estilo wattpad pero luego desarrollan una conexión tan tan fuerte (por traumas y comprensión) que hace todo creíble para que al momento donde se dicen “te amo” les crees, sabes que sus sentimientos son reales. Verdaderas almas gemelas aquí chicas. Eli es mi tipo de interés amoroso favorito, no tiene miedo de expresar su amor por ella y conscientemente quiere que ella se sienta amada, él da un giro total a su persona cuando la conoce, ella sacó la mejor versión de él y él le trajo esta felicidad a la vida de Logan después de perder a sus padres y quedarse SOLA en el mundo. This relationship is the perfect example of how when two people are committed to being together there is nothing that can separate them, I love it when a couple is mature and communicates their feelings to have a healthy and stable relationship, because yes extreme drama is fun but personally there is nothing I love more than reading about two people who are determined to not let anything negative influence the level of commitment they have to each other. Caught Up" is an amazing follow up and instalment to the "Windy City Series" and I am here for all of it!! What Idon’tlike is the new flight attendant on our team’s private plane. She works for me, not the other way around. But I’ll be sure to remind her of that, and I can guarantee, by the end of the season, she’ll be begging to quit her job.Elilogan are soulmates. I would do anything to have what they have. The journey of them being strangers to friends to lovers. It wasn’t an easy ride because of how they both needed healing but the way they were always there for each other 🥺 Ryan : She’s a distraction, that’s what she is. I’m the newest Captain of the Devils, Chicago’s NBA team, and the last thing I needed this year was for Indy Ivers, my sister’s best friend, to move into my apartment. She’s messy, emotional, and way too tempting. This year is all about me. I’ve never put myself first, but for once, I’m going to. I’m in a new city, at a new school, and with my best friend. Everything will be different here. Minnesota is a fresh start for me—I can finally leave my past behind. At least, that’s what I keep reminding myself because my mind keeps straying to a certain redhead—my brother’s best friend. She is nothing like I had expected. She’s beautiful, smart, and too sweet for her own good. liz’s spice is ALWAYS hot and you will be dying for these two to finally give in and when they do!!!!

i wish the book was about the fmc’s dad or hope he’ll have his own book and his happily ever after. the man dropped everything including his promising career as a professional baseball player at 25yo when his girlfriend died and adopted her daughter—fmc— and treated her like his own. I NEED HIS OWN BOOK, HE DESERVES A HAPPY END. Logan: From the outside looking in, everything was perfect. I had friends. I was in love. School was going great. the side characters were all amazing, max kai’s son, monty miller’s dad and kai’s coach, isaiah kai’s brother and his teammate, zanders and stevie from the first book “mile high”, rio zanders teammate, ryan and indy from the second book “the right move”. I LOVE THIS BOOK WITH ALL OF MY HEART. I was so emotional when finishing because I just didn’t want it to end.As someone who loves long books, I can honestly say, this book had no reason to be as long as it was. There was no character development with Miller and it was just the same thing every chapter of her pushing him away and reminding him she’s leaving and won’t consider staying.

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