Their Little Secret (Tom Thorne Novels Book 16)

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Their Little Secret (Tom Thorne Novels Book 16)

Their Little Secret (Tom Thorne Novels Book 16)

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Billingham is a world-class writer and Tom Thorne is a wonderful creation.” ―Karin Slaughter, bestselling author of the Will Trent series Another crime scene where a young man is beaten to death and found naked near the shore. CCTV shows him walking with a woman moments before his death. Who is this woman? What happened next? Who killed him? How’s this death connected to the suicide? Well, well, here comes the twist – ONE of the DNA found on this crime scene matches the DNA of this con man! Et voila. SO, what’s he doing here killing people? He’s supposed to be a con artist, not a murderer.. Right? At least that’s what Thorne thought he was. Until a whole new picture is painted and Thorne and his partner Nicola Tanner are racing against time to find this man and stop whatever is happening. This is the 16th procedural featuring DI Tom Thorn and his team, who are now responsible for investigating sudden suspicious deaths.

Their Little Secret is a masterpiece of misdirection, suspense and contains as convincing a portrayal of insanity as I have read in many a long year. Tom Thorne is the perfect hero for our troubled times. Emotionally and professionally, he ploughs a lonely furrow, but his honesty and – sometimes clumsy – care for those he loves are deeply moving. Moved by the depth of his feelings, Cristina is drawn to help him through his grief. But as she struggles to ignore her own growing attraction to sophisticated, attentive Leon, her boundaries start to blur and then collapse, and the two embark on their own clandestine love affair. Sarah thinks of herself as a normal single mum. It’s what she wants others to think of her. But the truth is, she needs something new, something thrilling. I literally finished this today and couldn’t wait to write this review even though I don’t want to give away too much of the plot by writing a detailed synopsis of the story. I just wanted to recommend to any fans of Angela Marsons, Carol Wyer, and Stuart MacBride to give this author a chance but please start at the beginning with Sleepyhead. I have to admit to being jealous of anyone with that luxury available to them. Ah, l’amour…..ain’t it grand. Well, you might want to hold that thought. While many people exchange rings as a symbol of their union, you’re about to meet a couple who are a little…uh…less traditional.A fantastic thriller... a gripping plot and lead characters of remarkable depth. Billingham is a multiple-award winner, and his books have sold more than six million copies. Readers who grab this one but aren’t familiar with its predecessors will be seeking them out. A series to savor.” ― Booklist (starred review)

Tom Thorne immediately thought the first victim's suicide was strange. Why? What gave him that idea? Nothing much, as far as I could tell.I thought that I’d heard and read it all but this book pleasantly pointed out that I hadn’t. It shows us exactly how intoxicating and powerful love and money can be for some of the more vulnerable in society. This is a complexly convoluted tale kept interesting by the authors’ use of short chapters and his insights into the more fragile part of the mind.

Through the book, Thorne zipped here and there on convoluted outings to speak to witnesses in Glasgow (and don't get me started on the stereotypical youth in the Glasgow park scene), and other parts of the country, something that a competent DC or DS could have done.

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Billingham is obviously contracted to write a book a year. I can't imagine the pressure that must put a writer under. You could spend months on an idea that's awful and end up scrapping it, or maybe illness or life gets in the way.

A woman’s suicide puts a detective on the trail of a cold-hearted con artist: “Outstanding..��. a maximum of suspense” ( Publishers Weekly , starred review). Once Leon's secret is out, Cristina commits to guiding him through his grief and ignoring her own growing attraction. But up against sophisticated, attentive, insistent Leon, her boundaries blur and then collapse, and the two set out on their own idyllic love affair. The old saying ‘Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive’ is somewhat relevant in this story. All of the protagonists have secrets and tell lies not only to themselves but also to others. Oh and let us not forget the three amigos own little secret. When we are introduced to one particular character it’s quite a sad lie, one that at some points is quite heartbreaking. I wonder if we may revisit this character again some time in the future. This is a sad, sad day. I've never given a Billingham novel two stars. I have read all of his novels, apart from #15 which didn't appeal to me as it's about a cat killer, and well ... I have cats. There are some things I just don't want to read about, and animal cruelty and death is right up there on the top spot of #thanksbutnothanks Enter new client Leon: educated, charming, affluent -- and newly bereaved, following the death of his married lover, Michelle. Cristina soon learns that Leon has an ulterior motive for approaching her: Michelle was one of her clients, and Leon is desperate for her insights into the woman he loved.In Their Little Secret a routine assessment of a suicide, DI Thorne feels there is something much deeper at play. A young woman by the name of Philippa Goodwin threw herself in front of an underground train. When Thorne questions the sister of the victim he is chilled when she states: ‘…not only can I tell you why my sister jumped in front of that train, I can tell you the name of the man responsible for it’. And then there is Jamie… (You will have to read to learn about Jamie) this character adds a real psychological punch to the narrative and almost has you feeling sorry for his mother, almost. I guarantee you won’t see the ending coming. Thorne is one of the most interesting detectives in contemporary crime fiction. And if you scan the code on the inside cover flap you can hear Mark Billingham reading chapter one of “Their Little secret” audio book. The plot, as I say, did have potential. But it needed something more. I still have no idea why Sarah and Conrad had crazy killer personalities. Maybe that was the intent Billingham had; to show that people could just be crazy for no reason. Sarah, though, had a father who seemed cruel, but this was dealt with at surface level, the incidents seemed quite random, and appeared to be used as the excuse for Sarah's mental health issues.

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